A Hair-Raising Experience

No matter how many books I read or how-to videos I watch on You Tube, I simply cannot do my daughter’s hair. Each day I take a brush in my hand and say confidently to myself – today her hair will look beautiful, but by the time I’m done, she looks like one hot hair mess!

My daughter this morning, her hair already matted – as soon as she sees me with the brush it will be WW III

Now, this isn’t my entirely my fault.  I’ve never been a girly-girl and have never been good at doing my own hair.  It used to be one big frizzy mess until I found a cut (a chin-length bob) that worked well with my hair type and started to get quarterly Keratin treatments.    My daughter has shoulder length fine hair that tangles easy.  My little gal also seems to have has a penchant for getting whatever she is eating in her hair causing it to mat quite often.   Combine those elements with the fact that she’s two and a half, so she’s pretty squirmy and all of this gets amplified whenever I “fool” with her hair, trying to get all the mats and tangles out.  She cries, screams and even runs away, sometimes even with the brush still stuck in her hair!   I wash her hair a few times a week and meticulously blow out her hair to where it is straight as a pin.  She looks great and her hair is silky smooth when she goes to bed, but after one night of sleeping on it she wakes up looking like a wild woman.

I have no issue with my son’s hair because well, he practically has none.  He’s got sort of a crew cut, so even if his hair was all crazy, it’s only standing an eighth of an inch off his head, so no big deal.   I just take a spray bottle and wet his hair down and run my fingers through it, not even needing a comb or brush.

Is it bad that I can’t wait to drop her off at nursery school in the morning because the ladies there do such a better job in doing her hair than this mom?  The two gals who run her classroom have taken pity on me.  On a daily basis the do amazing things with her hair, things I can only dream of doing.  They say it’s lots of fun and my daughter thinks it’s a daily game of “hair salon.”   She’s come home with beautiful French braids, stylish side ponytails, cornrows (not my favorite) and even fully curled pigtails.

I’m not sure what I’ll do this summer when she moves to a new class at the school, I don’t know if her next teachers and caretakers will be so obliging.  I may have to sign myself up for some beauty school classes in order to finally learn how to tame my daughter’s mane.  I can only imagine what things will be like when she’s a teenager and starts asking for my help wearing make-up….

Now it’s your turn to share….Are you a hair genius?  Any suggestions you can offer me?

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    • TheHarriedMom says

      She just about lets me brush her hair these days. She looks like a wild woman in the morning, I wish she would just keep barrettes and headbands in her hair. She pulls them out after a few minutes…

  1. says

    Nope, no hair genius here. I just cut my daughter’s hair to a bob because I was already getting tired of tangles and hers is thin and fine so it was looking scraggly all the time!

    I can say, Good Luck! 😉 She does have beautiful hair!! 😀

    p.s. when is her b-day? My K is 2.5 also so I was just wondering…
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    • TheHarriedMom says

      The bob is the way to go. I’m now trying to braid or ponytail her hair at night, but so far the results have still been the same! My daughter’s b-day is Oct 27 – when is yours?

  2. says

    I totally get this. My daughter’s hair is curly… but she has cerebral palsy and doesn’t sit independently, so she always manages to mat it down in back or get it so tangled that even running my fingers through it in the tub with conditioner elicits screaming. I am also not a beauty queen, and the sitting issue makes it hard to get her hair even in one little ponytail! Braids are completely out of the question! Although today I decided I wanted to grow her hair out for locks of love (did I mention it’s also red? It’s gorgeus)…lets hope we don’t kill each other before it’s long enough to donate!!
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  3. says

    On rainy days, Baguette would come home from the toddler room with adorable hair styles. At our house, Mr. Sandwich can somehow comb and brush until her locks are glossy. Meanwhile, I can comb her hair twice in the same morning, and it still looks like I didn’t bother.
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    • TheHarriedMom says

      I totally know what you mean. I sometimes spend 10 minutes brushing out her hair and as soon as she pulls away she runs her hand thru her hair and it looks like I didn’t even try to tame her locks!

  4. says

    I rarely get to brush my daughter’s hair in the morning. We’re still trying to get it to grow out to even…she has a natural mullet right now!

    I think your daughter’s hair in that picture looks pretty good, actually. 🙂
    Kristin recently posted..It Hurts on the InsideMy Profile

    • TheHarriedMom says

      My daughter’s hair is still growing in too. I took her for a haircut last week and the stylist showed me how new hair is still coming in around her face….amazing!

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