A Letter To My Son On His First Day Of Kindergarten

To my little man

Here it is, your first day of big boy school! It feels like your dad and I have been counting down to this moment since you were born, but now that it’s here I wish I could keep you my little boy for just one more moment, one more minute, one more day, one week more.

I want you to know that your dad & I love you and we’re so proud of you! You are a growing up to be a tenderhearted, smart, inquisitive and independent little man who can bring a smile to anyone’s face and spreads joy wherever you go.  You also can make me laugh longer and harder than anyone I know, from all your silly voices to the corny jokes you tell me.

We just dropped you off at kindergarten. You told us you were nervous, but you really didn’t show it.  You didn’t cry and you didn’t try to hide behind me.  When we got the schoolyard, you boldly took a step out into the open, your first in a whole new world of both learning and experiences.

You’ll be crowding my thoughts all day.  I’ll be wondering what you’re doing, if you are okay, if you are listening to your teacher, if you are eating your lunch and, of course, if you are missing me as much as I do you.  But isn’t that a mom’s job, to worry?

I know you’re going to be tempted to make bad choices.  Sometimes the other kids won’t be nice to you and your feelings are going to get hurt.  You’re going to find some school subjects hard and there will be days you just won’t want to go to school.

I also know that you will do the right thing.  That you’re going to make some life-long friends.  That you’re going to find the thing you excel at and discover all the amazing things your education will provide you with.

My wish for you is to be happy and eager to meet new people and learn new things, not just today as you start kindergarten, but ALWAYS.  I love you with all my heart.



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