After The Storm…

This is a familiar sight in my neighborhood since Hurricane Sandy blew in last week.

My family is very fortunate.   No one in my family was hurt, no trees slammed into our home and there was no water in our basement.   We were without power and hot water for five very cold days, but unlike many others along the Jersey coast, lower Manhattan, Long Island, Staten Island and even Connecticut – we are lucky that we still have a home.

Gone is the beach playground I spent 15 fun-filled summers growing up at.  I intimately knew this Jersey Shore long before the reality show.   I loved riding the Log Flume and the swings, having a slice at The Sawmill, seeing my parents plunk down $1 for a chance to win a new fancy sports car from one of the local churches, drinking a lemonade from Midway, eating frozen custard from Kohr’s or zeppoles from 3 Brothers Pizza, playing the 25 cent stands at Dotty’s or a claw machine over at Lucky Leo’s.

Seeing the images of destruction at both the Funtown Amusement and Casino Piers of Seaside Heights with the rides now sitting in the Atlantic Ocean and the boardwalk where I won so many stuffed animals, dolls, baseball cards, candy, cassette tapes,  mirrored pictures and toys at washed away, makes my heart truly ache.


My kidlets will never know or experience the Jersey Shore like I did, but I know that these shore communities will rebuild and once again there will be the sounds of lifeguards blowing their whistles at the swimmers, laughter from kids as they ride the amusements and cheers from the people who win at their game of chance.

There is lots of devastation following this storm.  There are so many families and people in need and I urge you if you can, to donate to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  I have many friends and family of friends who have to rebuild their entire lives following this storm.  Any and all donations to a legitimate charity out there – here is a helpful list of organizations from CNN - is greatly needed and appreciated.

We donated to the American Red Cross and the company that The Hubs & I work at is making a matching donation.   You should check with your place of employment or local companies, they may also match your donation to the victims of this storm.

With this being the month of November and Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away, I am truly counting my blessings of my family, friends and home following this storm – and tomorrow I’ll be sharing some of those.

Now it’s your turn to share.  Do you have a favorite memory of the Jersey Shore?  If so, please share it here!


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7 Responses to After The Storm…

  1. Deb Roberts says:

    My memory is when you and Tyler took our family to the shore when we visited a few years ago. I am so glad we were able to share that day with you guys at such an iconic place. Thanks Debra for the memories.

    • TheHarriedMom says:

      I remember that – it was over 4th of July weekend so it was TOTALLY crazy, it was lots of fun.

  2. Brooke says:

    While I think donating wherever is great, I will say from personal experience that donations to the Red Cross often don’t do to the event you think it’s going to. We lost our home in a brush fire that was a major media event in our area. Lots of people donated to the Red Cross, and we never saw any of it. And if you look at their information it’s donating to disasters like Hurricane Sandy not directly to Sandy. I am a fan of local charities where possible.

    On another note, glad you have power. And I am sure the Shore will rebuild, though they will be forever changed.

  3. I didn’t grow up in New Jersey, so my trips down the Shore were to visit a friend who happened to live there (and, once, to bail part way through an overnight visit to a group summer rental that turned out to be way too frat-like for my taste, and yet so much more civilized than anything on that TV show).

    And my family didn’t do “beach vacations,” in no small part because my father was a redhead even paler than I am–but also because our vacations tended to be itinerant, and we were more likely to spend a day at a beach and then move on to somewhere else in a long circuit of campgrounds with electrical hookups than we were to settle anywhere for a week or two, much less a summer.

    But I definitely see the appeal, and on my brief visits I loved to see how different one town was from another. Those characters remain, and I’m sure the physical structures will be rebuilt.

    I have a lot of love for New Jersey, and I’ve already made a couple of donations to the Red Cross. This coming Sunday, I will also give blood. It’s the best I can do from here. I wish I could do more.
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    • TheHarriedMom says:

      You bring up a good point – blood donations were very low here because of the storm and wiped some supplies out too. There are lots of blood drives happening – but that’s something you can also do all year round, not just because of this event!

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