“Annedroids” Has Girl Power!

THM_Annedroids_1If you were to look a photo collection of my daughter, you’d definitely notice a certain pattern.  She’s always wearing some sort of super hero t-shirt and she’s flashing either a thumbs up or “V” sign with her fingers. At 4 ½ years old, she’s all about “girl power.” She’s not one to be left behind and she’s constantly proving that she’s just as smart, tough and adventurous as her seven-year old brother is, or anyone else for that matter!

It’s for those reasons and more that I like “Annedroids” from Amazon Studios. “Annedroids” is a new science based-action adventure series that follows an eleven year old genius and kid scientist named Anne, who has invented and built her own amazing androids in her junkyard laboratory. Anne is joined by her two friends Nick and Shania and together this kid trio makes amazing scientific discoveries while undertaking the biggest experiment of them all, growing up.


I think the lead character Anne is a great role model, she epitomizes “girl power.” She’s smart and not afraid to show it. She loves getting her hands dirty, creating and experimenting. Anne is played by the charming Addison Holley and her best buds, Nick and Shania, are portrayed by Jadiel Dowlin and Adrianna DiLiello.


I like how “Annedroids” spotlights how science, technology, the arts and math – otherwise known in education circles as STEM – can inspire both girls and boys to do great things. The show was specifically designed to develop creative thinking in children and provides them with the skills that will help them in life and someday, maybe their career.

Aimed at viewers ages 4-7, “Annedroids” does a good job of mixing live-action with CGI androids and feature a combination of  comedy, mystery and adventure storylines.

“Annedroids” was created by JJ Johnson, the guy behind another fun, science-inspired series, “Dino Dan.” The series launched on July 25 and episodes are now available on Amazon’s Prime Instant Video.

In addition to “Annedroids,” Amazon Studios has released two other education-focused children’s series: a stop-motion animated series encouraging creative scientific discovery called “Tumble Leaf” and an interactive art adventure for preschoolers called “Creative Galaxy.”

It’s great that there are programming options out there that are not only entertaining, but also have an educational quality.  And those that showcase “girl power” all the better!

Now it’s your turn to share. If you could design your own android, what would be it’s function?

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  1. says

    Now, this could be fun to watch. When I was younger I wanted to build my own robot, and even though androids today sort of freak me out, it would still be fun to pretend with my kids how fun it would be. Cuz truthfully, they scare me
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  2. Melissa Smith says

    This looks like a show my daughter would love! I’ll have to see what she thinks of the first episode.

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