Unboxing Girl’s Fashion with kidpik

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THM-kidpik-boxcollageThese days it seems that there’s a subscription box for just about everybody and everything!

I’m bombarded daily by emails to sign up for them. There are ones for makeup, shaving, teas/coffees, spices, jewelry, fitness, T-shirts, hosiery, baby, gourmet foods, healthy snacks, candy, crafts, wine and even ones for pets!

But the one that caught my eye was kidpik, a new subscription box that delivers personalized outfits designed exclusively for the girl, sizes 4 – 14, in your life and tailored to your budget. Now while I like to dress nice, I in no way claim to be a fashionista, so picking out clothes that are not only on trend but items that my six-year-old tomboy-ish daughter likes and will actually wear is always a challenge. So having a hand-pick stylist outfits, shoes, and accessories based on my daughter’s style profile was definitely intriguing.

The first thing we had to do was fill out a fashion profile that was pretty extensive.  My daughter and I had fun filling it out together and I actually learned a lot about her tastes and sense of style.   The profile was an interactive survey that after getting some basic details (top, bottom & shoe sizes), asked very specific questions about my daughter’s fashion likes and dislikes including colors, patterns, and types of clothing. For example, she might like dresses, but not skirts. She might like patterns and not solid colors.Continue reading ⇒

Light Up Your Summer Nights With Energizer + Giveaway  #PoweringSummer

 I have received promotional products for this post from Energizer and The Motherhood. 

My family loves summer.  I mean, what’s not to love – it’s sunny days filled with camp, playing, outdoor fun, swimming, BBQs, water balloon fights and best of all, no schoolwork!

But just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean that all our fun has to end.  To me, summer nights is where the real magic is. There are so many things to do when it’s dark outside, and all we need to do is literally shed a little light on things!

That’s where our Energizer® Fusion LED Folding Lantern and Vision HD+ Focus LED Headlight come into play.


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I’m the “Meanest Mom in the World” and Proud of it!

THM-MeanestMomInTheWorld-Kids“You’re the meanest mom in the world!”

There once was a time when hearing that phrase from one of my kidlets would have had tears streaming down my cheeks. I would doubt my parenting decision and had to convince myself that I wasn’t doing some sort of psychological harm to my kids.

But now that I’ve got about nine years of parenting under my belt, I take that phrase as a compliment.

Yes, I said a compliment. A compliment of the highest order in fact.

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How to Solve the Parent Lunchbox Springtime Blues – Entenmann’s® Little Bites® Snackin’ Bites {Giveaway}


THM--SnackTime-LittleBites-SnackinBites-LunchBagEvery weekday morning The Hubs or I (but mostly him to be honest) are faced with the challenge of packing a school lunch and snack for our two elementary school-aged children.

Yes, I said challenge.

You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to make and send in an interesting, healthy and appealing lunch and snack for two young kidlets each day.

But at this time in the school year, it becomes even more difficult and is the bane of our parental existence.

Lunches that the kids got so excited about last Fall have worn out their welcome. Foods that the kids loved and said were delicious are now yucky and gross.

It’s because of this that I’m on the lookout for new foods and snacks that I can tempt my kidlets with and not come back home un-eaten in their backpacks.

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Kid Lit: Not Your Typical Princesses

Every little girl wants to be a princess, or at least it seems that way to me.  For some little girls – like my own tomboyish six-year-old daughter – it was a very short phase, but there are others, who take the whole princess fantasy to whole a new level!


Now, I have nothing against being a princess (there are even times that I wish I were one!), but it’s my hope that all girls would want to be smart, courageous, humorous, strong-willed, kind, determined, ambitious rather than rely on becoming royal.

So for this month’s Kid Lit column I’m focusing on books about princesses, but these aren’t your typical damsels in distress who get “saved” or swept off their feet by a prince. All these gals have lives and agendas of their very own and who know how to make things happen for themselves!

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May the 4th Be With You – How “Star Wars” Stimulates Children’s Imaginative Play

Many thanks to Hasbro, who sent my family and me these great toys & games to share our experience with you.

THM-StarWars-Hasbro-MovieOpeningWell, actually it was 1977, and it was in a movie theater in suburban New Jersey, but I digress…

I was five years old the first time I saw “Star Wars.” Honestly, I remember being a little scared, not sure what I was going to see, but the moment those words appeared on the big screen my love affair with “Star Wars” began.

It was like no other movie I had ever seen, animated or live action. It captured my imagination – exploring new worlds via crazy looking spacecrafts, robots with personalities, future technology and of course all those different creatures.
The storyline was also easy for me to understand – it was a classic battle of good vs. evil.

No matter what hi-tech and sophisticated weaponry the Evil Empire came at the underdog Rebels with — the Death Star, Imperial Star Destroyers, AT-AT Walkers or TIE Fighters, the rag-tag band of good guys always came out winning!

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5 Things You Need To Know About…Mom De-Stressing

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, overworked and wearing way too many hats?

THM-5ThingsNeedKnowAbout-Mom-DeStressing-multimomI think that’s just the way of life for a mom.

There are plenty of times that I wish for a magical fairy who would go to the office for me, then come home and cheerfully tidy up the house, pay the household bills, settle disputes among the kidlets, do the grocery shopping and put dinner on the table.

Ahhhhh, if only I could plant myself on the sofa for even one evening and read a book, watch TV, or flip through my favorite magazines without having to get up a million times to either change laundry from washer to dryer, let the dog in/out, answer work emails, it would feel like such a luxury!

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Without This Ring: The Saga of the Lost Wedding Band

Today I’m lucky to have a guest post from The Hubs.  He’s sharing the traumatic story of losing his wedding band a few weeks back and his “Lord of the Rings” like saga to get it back to its rightful place on his finger!  Take it away Tyler…..


THM-IHateJewlery-WeddingPhotoRingsI have always hated wearing jewelry. And now I hate it more than ever. And soon you’ll see why.

I’m fine with it on other people. It can make a nice accent, and I think it’s more for the ladies than men. Oh, I get it; some guys are fine with chunky watches. My wife bought me one before we were married but I only wore it a few times before it was exiled to my sock drawer. When I was in college, it was allegedly cool to get an earring (I passed). Heck, the state I currently live in practically requires you to wear either a gold chain or a pinky ring if not both. Not for me, though…

But when I got married, I knew I would wear a wedding band. I felt it was an important symbol, so Debra, AKA The Harried Mom, got me a nice plain platinum band which almost never has left my finger since we got hitched on 11/13/04. But a couple of weeks back, that changed.

I lost my wedding band.

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How An 8 Year Old Unwinds, Playing Video Games #YOKAIWATCH Review & Giveaway

This post was sponsored by Nintendo as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.  I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.


How do you like to unwind after a long, tough day?

I’ve got friends who listen to music, knit, write in a journal, get a mani/pedi, go to the gym or even cook.   Personally, I like to fold laundry (it’s calming, try it!) or curl up in bed and catch up on some of my favorite TV programs.

My eight-year-old son, after a long day of school, activities/sports and third-grade math homework, likes to unwind by playing video games.

You can often find him sitting intently in our living room playing various games on his Nintendo 3DS XL hand-held game system.

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Kid Lit: Bunny Books

With Easter just around the corner, this edition of Kid Lit is devoted to books about those cute cotton-tailed creatures – bunnies.


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