Christmas Countdown – Last Minute Gift Ideas for Kids

We’re less than one week away from Christmas!  Are you done gift shopping yet?  Thankfully I’m almost done, I have just a few small stocking stuffer items left to get and then let the wrapping in Santa’s Workshop (aka our home office) begin! I’ve talked to a few friends who said they haven’t even started yet and are planning on a marathon shopping trip this weekend.  Talk about cutting it close!

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Well, in case you need some last-minute Christmas suggestions for kids under the age of 10 on your holiday gift list, here are a few of my suggestions:


THM_LastMinuteGifts10Leap Pad Leap Reader This is a great gift for a pre-schooler or a new reader.  This system combines three essential literacy skills:  reading, writing and listening and helps children develop core phonics and handwriting skills as well as build fundamental readiness skills.  I love it because children can practice to read alone, with a sibling or parent and gives them the confidence to become independent readers.


THM_LastMinuteGifts9Battroborg Growing up we called them Rock Em Sock Em Robots. This new version is kinda like that, but on steroids!  Battroborg are motion controlled battling robots that give players all the power.  Each Battroborg robot comes with two-handed, wireless, motion-controlled nun chucks that allow the player to control the robot’s moves with their jabs. You can have one-on-one competitions or battle royales of up to 10 robots.



TMNT Shellraiser – I can’t believe the Turtles are back and in full force. My kids love these pizza fighting ninjas just as much as I did in the late 80s early 90s.  When the Turtles need to hit the road and take command and control with them, they all pile into the Shellraiser. This vehicle features a battle hatch, rooftop spring-loaded Blasting Bazooka Launcher, fold down ramps and can fit up to eight TMNT basic action figures (not included of course!). The really fun element about the Shellraiser is that you can make your action figures do a 360 degree Ninja flip out of it – for some added high-flying Turtle fun!


THM_LastMinuteGifts4Octonauts Octopod Playset – Every time my four-year-old daughter sees this on TV or in the store, she not so subtly reminds me she asked Santa to bring her this!  Get ready to sound the Octo Alert and start the adventure in this amazing play set depicting the Octopod – just like on the show! The Octopod includes over 10 play pieces including lead characters Barnacles & Kwazii, a mini GUP A vehicle and four rescue tools and a clip-on Octo-Alert that features phrases and sounds.


THM_LastMinuteGifts12Skylanders SWAP Force Skylanders is a fun fantasy/adventure interactive game series. What makes it unique is that the characters you play with are actual figures that you buy, collect and can swap with other players.  There are 16 brand new figures tied to this game, but these new ones have a very clever detail. A magnet in the middle holds them together, which means you  can swap the tops and bottoms of the characters to create a total of 256 unique characters which is more than enough variations to keep it constantly interesting for your young gamer.  You can read a full review of the game & figures here.


THM_LastMinuteGifts13SuperCool Art Kit– I can’t say enough great things about these kits.   This would be a great gift for any young budding artist on your holiday list.  You can read a full review of their “A Night In Space” Deluxe Drawing Kit and see what fabulous art my son has created here.



Bedtime Peppa – Peppa is a soft and cuddly plush doll who makes a perfect bedtime friend.  Lay Peppa down for a nap and she sing and even makes cute little snores. Her cheeks light up as she sings a lullaby and falls asleep. Wake Peppa up and she’ll say good morning phrases, oinks and giggles.  She even comes with her own little soft blanket to cover her with.



Road Rippers Street Beatz -Both my kidlets are finding this under the tree because they love playing and racing cars together.   The Street Beatz racers have three speakers mounted on the back and as the music plays, you can actually see the drum of the large speaker pulsing up and down.  Kids will love the flashing lights as these cars cruise around with a motorized forward drive.



Life – A fun game for the whole family to play!  The Hasbro Game of Life will take you through all the crazy turns and spins of real life and you are in the driver’s seat, literally (your playing piece is a car that you “drive” thru life). You can decide to go to college, start a career or a family.  You can take whichever path you like and watch your fortune grow or diminish, depending upon the choices you make along the way!

As fun as toys and games are, books are also a great gift and make perfect stocking stuffers for kids:



Loom Magic! –  Rainbow Looms are one of the hottest and coolest crafts on the market right now.  Loom Magic! is a new hardcover book (making it incredibly durable!) from Sky Pony Press that includes 25 awesome, never-before-seen designs to create an amazing rainbow of projects including sports-themed charms, key rings, cell phone case, watch band, pendants and even a working sling shot! This would make a great companion piece to anyone who is getting their first Rainbow Loom under the tree or to any loom devotee!



Cool Creations in 35 Pieces or Less – Perfect for any LEGO lover on your holiday list. In this how-to book, LEGO artist Sean Kenney reuses the same thirty-five LEGO bricks to create a variety of images in all categories: vehicles, spaceships, home accessories, animals, nature, robots, and many other subjects.  I love that this book sparks imagination and encourage kids to think outside the box to come up with their own innovative LEGO creations.  You can read a full review here.



Clumsy Duck Poor Clumsy Duck!  Not a day goes by without her stumbling, tripping or falling over her huge webbed feet. With the help of her special friend though she discovers what those big feet are good for and what a fabulous swimmer she is! From Sterling Publishing, this is a great story with delightful illustration that teaches children about finding their own special talents.


Disney Frozen: A Tale Of Two Sisters – Bring the fun and adventure of the movie home in this new read-along book.  When a prophecy traps a kingdom in eternal winter, Anna, a young dreamer, must team up with Kristoff, a daring mountain man, and his reindeer on the grandest of journeys to find Anna’s sister, the Snow Queen Elsa, and put an end to her icy spell. Encountering mystical trolls, a hilarious snowman named Olaf, Everest-like extremes, and magic at every turn, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom from destruction.

And here are a few multi-media gift options:



Disney Classics Box Set – This is a fun gift for any Disney fanatics on your list – or I even heard a friend tell me that she got this and is giving to her kids as her way to tell them they’re going to Disney World over winter break!  This is a four-volume CD collection from Walt Disney Records that features 94 original recordings.  Each CD is broken down into a specific Disney music category: Timeless Classics, Modern Classics, Television Classics and  Theme Park Classics.  You can read a full review here.



Teen Beach Movie Soundtrack – In Teen Beach Movie, Mack and Brady are two modern day surfers that get trapped in the classic 1960s beach musical Wet Side Story. After accidentally interfering with the plot of the movie, they must find a way to get back to present day.  Enjoy the 15 all new catchy tunes and cool retro beats from the movie on this fun-filled soundtrack! It will definitely bring a little summertime fun to your winter blues.  Here’s a preview I did this summer when the movie first premiered on Disney Channel.

Now it’s your turn to share. What is on your child’s holiday gift list?




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    Thankfully, we’re still not at an age where the Christmas Toy catalogue is earmarked and worn from being looked at so many times. My little guy is 17 months old, so a simple Christmas it is – a set of mega building blocks, a Sesame Street playhouse, and some little odds and ends. I hope that we can keep Christmas simple in the future, but kids are bombarded with adverts with all of these toys!
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