Cupcake Delight!

Memorial Day Weekend is considered the unofficial start to summer – and for me that also means the official opening of BBQ season!  For the next 12 weeks there will undoubtedly  be a hot dog or hamburger as part of my meal plan at least once a week.  I always seem to worry about what I’ll serve alongside those American food classics – macaroni/potato salad, beans, corn on the cob – you get the idea.  Dessert for me though is a no-brainer. I like to pair all that salty food with a little bit of sweetness so for me that means serving another American food classic, cupcakes!

This week I discovered a new cupcake shop in Northern New Jersey where we live.  It’s called The Sweet Spot (on Twitter as @NJSweetSpot). They specialize in custom supersized & regular sized cupcakes and work together with customers to create not only whimsical, unique and beautiful-looking cupcakes, but treats that are just simply delicious and have interesting flavors. These cupcakes have been featured on Bravo on “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” “Party Mamas” and “Bethenny Getting Married” and have been the dessert attraction at various charity events in the NYC metro area.

In addition to cupcakes, The Sweet Spot features Giffords Ice cream, a nice selection of coffees & teas, Panini sandwiches, salads and Greek foods and pastries, including a baklava milkshake.  I shook my head when I first heard it, but it is both a tasty and popular menu item!

It’s also a great space to have a birthday party, mom’s club meeting or fundraiser.  In addition to decorating your own cupcake, they bring in different activities tied to your party or event theme, such as jewelry making, karaoke or even an airbrush artist to create custom hats & t-shirts to take home.

I brought home Vanilla Funfetti Cupcakes for my kidlets and Vanilla Frosted Marble Cupcakes for the Hubs and I.  They were a huge hit – as evidenced by my kidlets faces.

Next time I might just have to bring home some margarita or pina colada cupcakes for an adults-only treat!

Now it’s your time to share, what’s your favorite type of cupcake?



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    • TheHarriedMom says

      I’m with you – especially if they are moist ones. My fav combo though is a chocolate cupcake with light fluffy vanilla frosting! YUM-O!

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