Earning My Stripes As “The Harried Mom”

For the past two weeks, I’ve totally earned my moniker of “The Harried Mom!”  It’s been a busy time on both the home and work fronts. Luckily, the chaos is slated to end (somewhat) later this week.

First and foremost is family stuff, of course! The Hubs and I are starting to prepare our son, and ourselves, to transition from pre-school to kindergarten.  We’re very lucky that our school system offers a full-day program, because many other systems in our area do not.  Our district initiated their program 28 years ago and it’s still going strong.   Our very first step in this journey was to pre-register our son back in January.  Yes, I said pre-register.  You can read all about that HERE.  Then came orientation night a couple of weeks back, held in the gymnasium of our town’s intermediate school.    It had definitely been a long time since I’d been in an elementary school gym, but amazingly it all came back to me — parquet floors with enough shellac gooped on top that my non-regulation shoes left scuff marks all the way to our seats! The gym had a stage area for choral concerts, school plays and graduation ceremonies, and it was decorated with both an American and school flag that probably both have been there since the place originally opened.  It looked kind of small to me, but of course if you were the size of a kindergartener, the place would look pretty enormous.

The Hubs and I learned all about our school system’s teaching philosophy and education value system.  We were both pretty impressed with the school superintendent and the principals, and all the kindergarten teachers showed up even thought they didn’t have a speaking role. That was inspiring – that these teachers attended to show how much they love their jobs and their students and made themselves available to parents after the orientation to answer any questions and ease any fears.

We were also introduced to our local Parent Teacher Association (PTA).  I guess they had a PTA in my school system when I was growing up, but my parents were not the “join in” type, so I didn’t really know much about them.   The only word I could think of while the PTA president was speaking was “Wow!”  The PTA certainly do a lot in our school district- bringing in guest speakers, securing good school supplies, getting grants and of course offering scholarships.  They also run a number of fundraisers and are always looking to bring new blood into the ranks.  I could see the PTA president scanning the room as she spoke, picking out her targets from this room of “freshmen” parents.  Both The Hubs & I plan to serve on committees starting this fall.  Which ones we don’t know, but we want to do what we can to enhance our kidlets education experience.

Our next step is the actual registration, which I have to do in person with the principal (gulp) next week.  You bet I’ll be checking my list a million times to make sure I have everything I need for that meeting, I don’t want to get scolded by my kid’s principal!  Then we’ll bring our son over to the school for a tour and a chance to meet his likely future classmates.  He’ll also get a ‘5th grade buddy,’ an older student will be assigned to him and show him the ropes of this whole school thing.  It’s a program run by the PTA and it seems to be popular with both the 5th graders and kindergarteners.

On the work front, I have a project that launches this week.  You may know that I work in television public relations. I’ve been working on this show for the past few months, but it is always the last weeks leading up to debut that are “crunch time” and when most of my media elements come together.   We’ve been making the rounds on both national and local shows, plus plenty of radio appearances.  I even have a big print story appearing in a major newspaper – I hope it goes well!  I’m heading down to New Orleans later this week to help promote the show.  I haven’t been to the “Big Easy” since before Katrina, I wonder how different it will be from my last visit.  Anyway, it was a totally last-minute thing and feel a little guilty for leaving The Hubs one parental unit short for three days – but looking forward to a little hotel pampering on my own.

Yes, I’m fully aware that TV’s don’t have antennas anymore – it’s all digital now!

The show I am working on is a “reality” show, and while I’ve done promotional tours dozens of times, for most of the people involved these shows, it’s their first ever exposure in the media.  Most reality show people are not celebrities, but rather normal everyday people who are given a chance for stardom and are suddenly thrust into the glare of the media spotlight.  Understandably, it can be overwhelming and some people totally let it go to their heads.  My advice to all the reality folks I’ve worked with is to just “be yourself” and “enjoy the ride” because, borrowing the catch phrase of Heidi Klum, “One day you’re in, the next day, you’re out.”  What my next TV project will be, I’m not quite sure, but I know it will be something unusual.

And in the midst of this we had our family Easter celebration.  This past weekend was filled with Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets and of course, the Easter Meal.   The Hubs made a fabulous spoon roast and roasted veggies on the grill that I’ll be sharing as part of the Thursday recipe blog hop “The Grill-More Girls” with my pal Cristina over at CentralJerseyWorkingMoms.com.

The kidlets enjoying their very first Easter egg hunt in our backyard

The biggest part of the celebration however was that my 86-year-old father was able to come to our house for a few hours.  Dad has not been well and we almost lost him last fall.  He had been in either a hospital for a nursing home facility for almost 5 months recovering, and had not been to our home since last August.  It a welcomed sight seeing him sitting in our home with his grandchildren running about him, and he wore out pretty quick.  I had to step back at one moment to take it all in, how lucky we are to have had the  family together again, at least for one more fun day.

Me & Pop enjoying Easter

Now it’s your time to share?  When do feel like a “Harried Mom?”

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    Wow, you ARE earning your stripes, girl!

    Your school sounds like a really good one. There isn’t nearly that much involved in registering your kiddo for school here, unless is it private.

    And you’re going to be in NOLA? That’s pretty close to me. Enjoy! :)

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