For The Birds

When the weather started getting warm earlier this Spring, my son came home from school with a “bird feeder.”  It was a pine cone that had been slathered with peanut butter and bird seed scooped on like sprinkles on ice cream.  We hung it on a tree in the backyard, right next to his swing set/playhouse so he could climb up and look out to and see if any birds had taken a peck at his tasty treat.

Art Project: Birdfeeder, the whole family got into the act

For the next week, my son became obsessed with checking the pine cone.  He liked checking in to see the birds’ progress.  He even would tell his dad and I little stories about the birds who came by to eat.  Apparently the birds LOVED the pine cone feeder because within days not only was all the bird seed and peanut butter gone, but the birds started to take apart the pine cone as well!

My two little artists, each with their own distinct bird house style

Wanting to keep encouraging our son’s fascination with nature, The Hubs and I took both of our kidlets to Michaels and let them each pick out a bird house.  Each kidlet could paint and decorate their bird house any way they wanted.   They had fun painting them.  My daughter went with more of a Jackson Pollock style while my son stuck to primary colors and a bold stripe pattern.  Again, my son came up with little stories about the birds that would be inhabiting these “homes.”  He is hoping that the woodpecker in our yard doesn’t move in since he’s a bit noisy.

This weekend we’ll be sitting in our yard, keeping a close eye on these birdhouses to see who decides to move in and become our new feathered neighbors.

The finished bird houses to be hung outside this weekend.  We’re wondering who our new neighbors be?

Now it’s your turn to share, what are your favorite arts & crafts to do with your kidlets?



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    • TheHarriedMom says

      This was a no-brainer for us…birds are outside so we’d do the birdhouses outside to commune with nature. He doesn’t usually need much to go outside and play!

  1. says

    Smart of you to give each house a pretty base coat of blue and green before you let the kidlets at ’em! I love doing crafts with my weebots, and at 2 1/2 and almost 3, it’s been a challenge and I’ve learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t! We build a lot of things out of popsicle sticks that have been crayoned on first, and out of pipe cleaners, and homemade playdoh and plastic drinking straws also make a good diversion. Soon we will turn to more product-oriented crafts–for now my main aim is peace and happiness for ten minutes at a time! One thing I do not recommend at this age is paper mache–I’m making an Ironman pinata for Mbot’s fourth birthday and made the mistake of having the bots help (“If I Build an Ironman Pinata, will Robert Downey, Jr. Jump Out of It?”)

    Also, I love the pic of the multitasking mom at the top of your blog–I wrote a post that images what life would be like if mothers had 18 arms, like the Hindu goddess Durga–check it out! (in all your spare time ;> )
    Betsy Andrews Etchart recently posted..If I Build an Ironman Pinata, will Robert Downey, Jr. Jump Out of It?My Profile

    • TheHarriedMom says

      It was actually a 2 weekend process. First weekend they painted the base coats and the following when they got to “design” them – otherwise they wouldn’t look so colorful!


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