Getting The Kids Ready For Back-To-School With Backyard Grilled Pizza Party & Craft #FoodMadeSimple #Shop

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Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, dust off the sun and moon and sing a song of cheer! While we all wish that summer could always be here, our family fun in the sun is starting to wind down and August just flying by.

In just a few short weeks both of my kidlets will be heading back to school. We live in the NYC metro area so school starts after Labor Day, but I know that in some places school is already in session! While my kidlets are sad about the summer ending, they’re also excited about a new school year, new teachers and seeing all their besties everyday again!

THM-Food-Made-Simple-Jacks-Pizza-PartyTo get the kidlets back into a school mindset, The Hubs and I threw them a little back-to-school outdoor pizza party complete with pizza-themed craft this past weekend!


My kidlets love pizza. They would eat it every night if they could – they never get tired of that Italian classic! For me, it’s #FoodMadeSimple, a meal that I can make for the whole family that is quick, takes little effort and yummy.

Our favorite way to make pizza is on the grill. Pizza is one of those foods that truly benefits from cooking over a real fire. I’ve found that grilling pizza is a surefire (no pun intended!) ways to get a crisp, blistering crust that the best pizzerias, especially coal-burning oven ones, serve. Another benefit – and it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a charcoal or gas grill, the smoke from the grill gives your pizza some added flavor.

THM-Food-Made-Simple-Jacks-Pizza-StoreDid you know that now there are brands out there that make pizzas specifically for cooking on the grill? I found JACK’S® Pizza in the frozen food aisle at Walmart. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had a few different varieties like pepperoni and supreme, but I wound up getting a plain cheese pizza, since that’s what my kidlets like best.


It was super simple to make, just pre-heat the grill to 400°, unwrap the frozen pizza from the packaging and cook on the grill for 15-20 minutes, rotating the pizza 180° about half-way thru. The pizza looked fab with all that gooey cheese bubbling on top and tasted great with its light and crispy crust.   To make our little pizza party even more festive, I served their Jack’s Pizza on mini-pizza pie pans I had in the cupboard.


While I made the pizza on the grill, the kidlets got to work on their crafting project. The project was inspired by all the artwork my kidlets bring home from school each week. If your household is like mine, your refrigerator, kid’s room/playroom walls and even home office are covered with paintings and artwork created by our budding artists. After just a few weeks of school I’m drowning in it! I can’t hang every piece and feel bad about throwing any of it out, so what do you do with it?

You store it in your very own Pizza Box Art Box.

Each of my kidlets made their own customized artwork storage box, made from large-sized pizza boxes. The pizza box is a great way to store artwork. It’s large enough to keep projects flat and you can fit many projects in there. At the end of the school year I sort thru the box, keeping their best pieces.


We got our boxes from our local pizzeria. We just walked in and asked if we could buy two new large size pizza boxes for a few bucks. From doing a little online research I found that you can also buy them from party supply stores or restaurant wholesalers (but it’s a case of 12 – so you can have a pizza box decorating party your kid’s friends).

All you have to do to the pizza box is cover it with some plain paper or poster board. For our project I used rainbow-colored poster board. I opened the box and traced the pattern of the pizza box onto the poster board as well as three thin strips of paper to cover the box’s sides and stuck them all on with double-sided tape.


To decorate the boxes I just went into our crafting bin and gathered up stickers, markers, glitter, cut outs and fun-shaped stick-on notes for the kids to use. It was up to them to decorate the boxes for themselves.

THM-Food-Made-Simple-Jacks-Pizza-Finished-Art-Project THM-Food-Made-Simple-Jacks-Pizza-Completed-Art-Box

My daughter’s box is totally random – it’s just like her a free, fun-loving spirit.

My son was a little more methodical about his box. He created thematic clusters of his favorite things to decorate his box.

What a fun way to spend some of our last days of summer and get ready for back to school – eating some yummy pizza made on the grill and having some crafting fun!


Now it’s your turn to share. What do you do to get your kids ready for back to school?




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  1. Samantha K says

    An outdoor pizza party sounds like a great way to get ready for Back-to-School! Love the pizza box craft to store the artwork, too. #client

  2. katrina g says

    looks like they had a blast. we grilled a jacks pizza a couple months ago and all though we burned it a little (totally our fault) it was still good.

  3. Hanan says

    What a fun idea! We don’t go back to school until after Labor Day, so we’ll celebrate then. I bought some totes for their school stuff, but I think letting them decorate those would be fun too!

  4. says

    I have never tried pizza on the grill but it looks so yummy!! My son starts Pre-K next week and the day before he will get to choose what dinner is or where it comes from lol

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