How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways….

The other day the Hubs asked me what many women would take as a loaded question: “what are we doing for Valentine’s Day?”

I quickly rattled off the plans: “Well, for the kidlets, I got a Lego Hero Factory Toy and a Hello Kitty dinner plate set, plus a couple of cute cards. As for us, lets just exchange cards, no gifts.” Hubs seemed a little skeptical of my answer, but after reassuring him, he believed me and seemed satisfied with my answer.

“No gifts” for Valentine’s Day? I know to some people it might be sacrilege to say that, but, honest, I’m really not totally devoid of any sense of love or romance. I mean, what girl doesn’t want flowers, candy, perfume or jewelry to celebrate the day?

Sure, I like those things and would love to be on the receiving end of any of those items, but do I need them?  More importantly, do I need them from my husband on February 14 in order to demonstrate just how much he loves me?

Look, I know my Hubs loves me.  I mean, this is a man who sees me at both my best and worst and he still continues to be by my side. This is a man who sees me every morning without makeup and my hair in total disarray. He has heard me burp, fart and other various bodily noises. He is the only person, other than myself, who knows exactly what is hiding beneath my Spanx! He is the man who watched so lovingly as our two kidlets came out of my body and still tells me all the time how beautiful and sexy he thinks I am.  He also knows how to romance me in the little, unexpected ways– he does the laundry without asking, watches bad 70s TV shows with me, and keeps the kidlets occupied on Saturday mornings allowing me to sleep in. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

A recent photo of me & the Hubs – it’s one of my favorite all time ones of us.

Do I expect that Hubs will abide by my “just cards” edict?  Probably not, I’m sure he’ll get me some flowers under the guise that they are from the kidlets. See, just another reason why I know he loves me!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

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    Thanks for joining us for the Friendly Followers hop this week. We didn’t do anything at all this year. I usually put on something special for my boys, and hubby gets me something. We love each other, and snuggled up that day. It was enough 🙂
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    • TheHarriedMom says

      Thanks – it is one my fav snappies of the two of us. We were having a grand old time at our company holiday party in December and there was a photo booth – what a great way to remember that night! thanks for stopping by!

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    You said it perfectly. I agree that I do not need all of those things either on Valentine’s Day. I’d rather have flowers any ole day. But I admit, I do like the chocolates… 😉 Probably a little too much…

    We ended up doing NOTHING since I got some sort of stomach bug. Worst V-day ever. But I still got an amazing card from my man. 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!
    Elaine recently posted..Do you ever feel this way…?My Profile

    • TheHarriedMom says

      I love chocolate too – the hubs did get flowers – but he did it on Monday night and handed them to my son to give to me. So technically he didn’t give them to me on V-Day and since my son handed them to me, they were from him instead! I’ll be back next week to link-up.

    • TheHarriedMom says

      It is all the little, everyday things that show how we love each other. That is one of my favorite snaps of us….and in black & white shows so much of our expressions and that’s exactly who we are…he’s the calm one and I’m emotional one!

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    Yeah, we usually do the whole “no gifts” thing and just take the whole family out to dinner to celebrate. But my husband usually breaks the rules leaving me to feel like the loser wife. LOL! I’m just happy for all of us to be together! Hope your day is great!
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    • TheHarriedMom says

      For the record, the hubs did bring home a bouquet of flowers and gave them to our son to hand to me….so he said technically he paid for them, but he didn’t give them to me. I’m with you, I’m just glad that our family was together! Thanks for coming over!!

    • TheHarriedMom says

      It’s one of my all-time favorites of us. They had a photo booth at our company holiday party….and we decided to have some fun! Thanks for the Memories Captured opportunity!

    • TheHarriedMom says

      I think it’s the little things we do for each other everyday that show our love and are a true Valentine to our loved ones. My kidlets each had a party in their class and my 4 YO son came home with a cereal box (they made a mailbox out of one) filled with candy that he got from other kids in his class! It’s total sugar overload.

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    My daughter is home sick, my hubby is away for work and my son is going crazy! LOL

    Seriously – I have the kids a book and a DVD, hubby is getting to go see Legally Blonde (he loves the movie!) the Musical and the kids and I gave him a hard drive for his Xbox.

    Food wise, we are having heart pancakes for lunch and heart shaped polenta with stew for dinner.

    Thanks for participating in the Friendly Followers Blog Hop:!
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    • TheHarriedMom says

      Wow, your family did pretty well for V-Day….I love the heart shaped pancakes! The big thing here is heart shaped pizza!

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