Impromptu Tea Party

Our rainy weekend concluded with a lazy Sunday afternoon of watching cartoons with the kidlets. Bored with the antics of Woody Woodpecker, my two-year old daughter got up and broke out her various tea sets for an impromptu tea party. Who am I to argue when lovely little cups and an attractive array of plastic petit fours are laid out before me? I immediately accepted my invitation and was glad to see that The Hubs and my son were also on the RSVP list. Our dog Bailey was not officially invited but, like any time there is food involved (even pretend food, it seems) she invited herself anyway.

Tea party is just starting to get out of hand, what started as a party for four suddenly spiraled into a house party!

My daughter used two different teapots – the striped one held coffee, since daddy likes that best, and the pink one that plays a little tune when you tip it over was for the rest of us tea lovers. She was a gracious and dutiful host, never letting our cups run dry. Her selection of plastic treats looked scrumptious – cupcakes with various frosted tops and little chocolate cakes. She did have to grab back some of the tiny cupcakes her brother was piling a mile high onto his plate. He was obsessed with one little cake, that he insisted was a stick of butter and wanted to eat it all by himself. Um…okay, keep doing that and you’ll weigh 1000 pounds in no time kid. When they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, they must have had my son in mind!

Pretty soon, though, the party started to get out of hand.

First, a Hello Kitty figure made her appearance. Hello Kitty is a revered figure to my little girl. That she wanted to attend this little tea party brought a huge smile to her face. But then Clifford the Big Dog, who had been sitting on the coffee table and watched as Bailey and now Hello Kitty enter the festivities, decided he wanted into this shindig too. As you know, Clifford is a HUGE dog! He wound up taking everyone’s petit fours, licked them all off our places clean in with his slobbery tongue.

Word got out quickly in our toy neighborhood because the next thing you know, everyone was trying to crash our once civilized affair. Two Angry Birds sling-shot their way into our party. At least the black bird had the good sense to keep his beak shut, but the red one, he chuckled on and on – like the annoying party guest he was. Plex from “Yo Gabba Gabba” also stopped by, but when he found out we didn’t have green beans and carrots for the “party in his tummy,” he split the scene.  Another interloper was a shady Transformer dude. I didn’t like the looks of him…was he a helicopter or was he a robot? I couldn’t tell because he was changing constantly. However, he did keep my son amused, so I guess he was okay. Then Mr. Musk Ox charged on in. If you don’t know what a musk ox is, they are an Arctic mammal, a distant relative of a woolly mammoth – so they are really, really hairy. Nothing says “party over” like finding a tufted of hair in your tea. But he is a HUGE animal, even bigger than Clifford, so we all just sat quietly ignoring the elephant, or rather musk ox, in the room.

Next thing we knew a police car made an appearance and cleared everyone out. Apparently you need a permit to host a tea party with more than four attendees.

Once “the Fuzz” showed up, the party broke up quick, no arrests were made, but here’s the aftermath

With all our gate crashers making a quick and clean get away from the fuzz, all that was left for us to do was clean up. As we picked up all the tea set items, we were all smiles and giggles…

I can’t wait for the next tea party to see who stops by!

Now it’s your time to share.  What do you like playing with your kids?



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