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Happy New Year!  It was great to unplug the past two weeks to enjoy the holiday with friends and family.  As much as I love being connected, it was relaxing not to be a slave to social media or a post schedule.  It was a time for me to re-charge and get ready for a brand new year of blogging excitement!

But getting started again is hard!

I sat down at the computer in my home office no less than a dozen this past weekend with the intention of getting my editorial calendar in order and even getting a jump-start on some blog posts for this week.  Somehow though, staring at an empty year calendar and even worse, a blank Word document, was daunting.  The post ideas and words just wouldn’t (or couldn’t?) come to me.  Had I taken too long of a writing/blogging/social media break?

keep-calm-and-get-blogging-3I knew I was in trouble when I would sit down at the computer and then would suddenly think of some random household chore that needed to be done right at that moment.

I cleaned out and re-organized our home filing system.   I eliminated as much paper as possible and signed up online to get as many eBills as possible.  I shredded old bills, threw out irrelevant files and even gathered up all of our 2013 miscellaneous receipts and medical expenses for when we file this year’s tax return.

THM_Procrastination3_2014Now I can actually see all my files and actually put the bills in the right ones!

I cleaned out and re-organized the kidlets linen closet. I threw out all the expired or soon-to-be expired medications, lotions & hand sanitizer (I didn’t even realize they had expiration dates on them), consolidated the kidlets medications by type into various bins, made a dedicated oral care bin  and sorted thru all the towels, getting rid of some and re-folding the rest to fit neatly on the shelf.

THM_Procrastination2_2014A place for everything and everything in its place!

I cleaned out and re-organized my son’s clothes closet.  I organized them by short vs. long sleeve and then by superhero, video game character, sports jersey,  stripes and “dress” shirt (which for a six-year old means a plain polo shirt!).

THM_Procrastination1_2014 (2)My son told me his closet is now too clean for him to find anything!

I cleaned out and re-organized the kidlets home library.  I sorted thru the various little libraries throughout our home filled with the kidlets books.  I pulled out ones they don’t read anymore or are too old for and placed them with out donation pile.  I organized the remaining books by size and with all the binds facing out to make it easier to pick out a book they want to read.

THM_Procrastination5_2014 THM_Procrastination6_2014

Books, books and more books – but now organized!

And when I couldn’t clean out or re-organize any more, I did three large loads of laundry, folded and hung up everything and then put it all away.

THM_Procrastination4_2014Last load of laundry …who knew four people could wear so much in four days!

It was when I was folding the last load of laundry last night that the idea for this post came to me – that my blogging procrastination did have a benefit — it got me got off to an organized and clutter-free start for 2014.

Now it’s your turn to share.  What do you hope to do in 2014?




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  1. says

    I want to eat more vegetables. I probably had that goal last year, too, but this year I pooled the gift cards I got for Christmas and bought a NutriBullet blender. So far I’ve had it for three days, and have had three green smoothies!
    Tragic Sandwich recently posted..Here’s to a Great 2014My Profile

    • TheHarriedMom says

      Ooh, that sounds good. I tried to make a smoothie this morning in my blender but apparently I didn’t have it secured tightly and all the liquid came out and made a huge mess. I’m going to try again tomorrow!

    • TheHarriedMom says

      I must have spent 2 hours going thru old papers, bills, irrelevant invoices and shredded anything with our names on it! Too bad I didn’t do it before New Years, we would have had a lot of paper to toss in the air at midnight!

    • TheHarriedMom says

      I feel your pain, we did a kitchen remodel this summer and for six weeks my house was a mess…there was nothing I could do until it was all done!

    • TheHarriedMom says

      Good for you! I wrote my post today, but still need to work on the calendar. Maybe tonight while watching TV???

  2. says

    I need to sort through the garage!! I’ve been trying to chip away at it, but I need to dedicate some serious time soon. So much needs to be donated… the baby is turning 1 so I have so much gear to give away!!! It’s almost at the point I can’t park my car in there (and it’s a two car garage!)
    Sarah – ITKM recently posted..finally losing baby weight {Simple Start}My Profile

    • TheHarriedMom says

      Ugh – baby stuff is the worst kind of clutter. I was thrilled when we brought 6 boxes of stuff over to my BFF to give to her baby!

    • TheHarriedMom says

      It’s one of the good things about procrastination – you have to “do” something else – and why not get the rest of my life organized!

    • TheHarriedMom says

      The Hubs and I became pescatarians this year – so far so good. I haven’t had any red meat withdrawal and I’m eating more fresh veggies too!

  3. says

    I’m hoping to spend more play time with my kids. We did our first art time last week. The kids kept getting into the paints, so I put out some plastic on the table, gave them some paper, and told them to have at it. My three year old did great. My 21 month old? Not so much. She painted the dog.

    • TheHarriedMom says

      Haha – painted the dog. the dog look better?! That’s a memory you’ll be telling your daughter about for the rest of her life.

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