Kid Lit: Another “Good Question!”

A few months back I wrote about how my kidlets ask me about a million questions a day and how I used Good Question! books to help me answer some of their more probing ones.   My kidlets devoured those books and by the time they were finished with each of the five books we had, they were all smarty pants about things like the five senses, the American Civil War, the Earth, how plants grow, how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly and our solar system!   And then another round of questions began….

THM_GoodQuestion_1Thankfully a new series of Good Question! books recently showed up at our home, courtesy of Sterling Children’s Books, so once again, I’ve got answers!

This new Good Question! collection tackles the sciences and like it predecessors in the series, each book introduces children to basic information and principles and explains them in a simple yet factual way for children to comprehend.  Each book is 32 pages in length and is presented in a lively Q&A format and highlighted with colorful illustrations and photos.  These books are geared to readers aged 7 and up and are also aligned with Common Core standards which many school systems (like ours) abide by.

Good Question! continues to be a thought-provoking book series and will inspire young readers to continue questioning the world around them and learning about the events that have led us to where we are today.Here are the new science titles:


Why do I have a belly button? What happens to the food I eat? Why am I different from everyone else on Earth? All children want to understand how their body works, and this lively illustrated book explains it all, from what DNA is to how their heart pumps blood.


What Makes a Tornado Twist? And Other Questions About…Weather
By Mary Kay Carson, illustrated by Louis Mackay

Is each snowflake unique? What comes first: thunder or lightning? What causes the seasons? Charming illustrations, clever charts, and fun text help kids learn whatever they want to know about wild weather. No matter their question, the fascinating answers are right here!


How Strong is an Ant? And Other Questions About…Bugs and Insects
By Mary Kay Carson, illustrated by Carol Schwartz

Are there more insects than people on Earth? Are all bugs insects? And can all insects fly? From the number of legs a ladybug has to the truth about whether termites eat wood and why crickets chirp, this cool book helps children discover some of the world’s most amazing creatures.


Why Did T.rex Have Short Arms? And Other Questions About…Dinosaurs
By Melissa Stewart, illustrated by Julius Csotonyi

When did the first dinosaurs appear on Earth? What happened to them 65 million years ago? How do we know about dinosaurs—and are there any still alive today? Dinosaurs are absolutely irresistible—and children will love learning about these fascinating creatures and looking at the detailed illustrations!


Why Is The Sea Salty?And Other Questions About…Oceans
By Benjamin Richmond, illustrated by Cecelia Azhderian

What kinds of animals live in the sea? What causes tides and waves? And exactly how deep is the ocean, anyway? From the water cycle and ocean zones to fun facts about how some lost rubber duckies ended up helping ocean scientists, this Good Question! book teaches kids about the life aquatic.

Now it’s your turn to share. What’s one question you’ve never found an answer to?



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For Full Disclosure: The Harried Mom was not compensated for this post, but did receive the above Good Question! titles from Sterling Children’s Books to review. As always though, the opinions expressed in this post and on The Harried Mom blog are all my very own and are not influenced in any way. Please do your own research before purchasing any products as your opinion may differ.


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  1. maria says

    I love the selections! It is great to give children explanations of why things happen. My kids would really appreciate this book series.

  2. Kelly Hutchinson says

    I love this book series. We home school and they are perfect for teaching the kids while they enjoying the story line.

  3. diane says

    My kids are teens now and the questions they ask are ones I don’t really want to answer! I loved books like this when they were young!

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