Kid Lit – Elves Can’t Dunk Newly Enhanced eBook

Every Monday is library day in our house.  After school the kidlets go to our local library and they each get to pick out four to five books for the week.  I never know what kind of books they’ll check out.  To me, there never seems to be any rhyme or reason to their selects.  When I ask them they just tell me that from the cover it “looks” like it would be a good read (note to authors/illustrators – cover art is SUPER important in selling your book to the 10 and under crowd!).

THM_KidsLibraryBooksEven though my six-year-old can read on his own, he likes to check out chapter books that The Hubs and I can read to him before he goes to bed each night.  Captain Underpants, Batman and The Notebook of Doom series are some of his favs, but I’m starting to have trouble mustering up the vigor to re-read, for the millionth time, the adventures of George Beard and Harold Hutchins as they battle the Turbo Toilet 2000!

This Monday my son checked out a new chapter book, Elves Can’t Kick, which tells the story of Sebastian the elf and his friends who save Ms. Claus’ baking recipes which were stolen and help teach a losing soccer team the recipe for winning –teamwork, and impart an important lesson that stealing is wrong.  The book has a good message, fun illustrations and I was pleasantly surprised to see that there are a few more Elves Can’t books out there….

And like Kismet I woke up the next morning to an email from the author Robert Skead, who also just so happens to be a “neighbor” – meaning a fellow North Jerseyan.  He was reaching out about the release of the enhanced eBook version of Elves Can’t Dunk that he wrote with former NBA superstar AC Green, who spent 16 seasons in the league and won three championships with the Los Angeles Lakers (1987, 1988 and 2000).

Elves_resized_small(1)When I emailed Skead back about what a coincidence his reaching out that day was, he said it was the best timing he’s ever had in his life!  Because I liked the positive messages and the core values the Elves Can’t series promote I told him I would be happy to share with my readers!

Elves Can’t Dunk tells the story of Sebastian, an elf who loves basketball—but being an elf at the North Pole doesn’t allow him much time to play. Because of his love for the game, Sebastian gets in plenty of trouble and that causes big problems in Santa’s Workshop! After Sebastian gets fired from his job, he’s convinced the other elves don’t like him and decides to prove himself by trying out for his favorite professional basketball team. There’s just one small problem, Sebastian is an elf, and as we all know elves can’t dunk.  To solve this dunking dilemma, Sebastian takes some of Santa’s magic feed corn — AKA he stuff that makes his reindeer fly — to his tryout for the team.  The corn gives Sebastian more hang time than Michael Jordan on the moon!   When Sebastian’s idol, Coach Tanner, discovers the corn, he begins to dream of winning championships with his team of losers. So Coach Tanner sets out on a mission to steal the corn from Santa and it’s up to Sebastian and his best friends to catch him and save Christmas.

Sebastian_spinning_ballIt’s a fun story about friendship, fair play, forgiveness and pursuing your dreams and is all nicely wrapped up with a timely Christmas message!

The paperback version of this book was originally published in 2000 but this new enhanced eBook features an exclusive video message on how to be a better friend from Green, mini-animations of the story’s main character and other special features.

Parents can download the $6.99 eBook from the NOOK Bookstore™, iTunes or the Kindle Bookstore.  A portion of the sales of the Elves Can’t Dunk eBook will go to the AC Green Youth Foundation, which provides youth programs that ignite dreams and builds leaders who will stand up for what is right.

Now it’s your turn to share.  What is your children’s favorite book series? What was yours growing up? (BTW Mine was the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary!)




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