Manic Monday Mom Guilt

Monday mornings in our house are always crazy – I’m sure most moms and dads can relate!  Trying to get back into the school/work groove after two days of “play” is always difficult.

When both kidlets were in pre-school, there wasn’t too much to it.  We just had to drop off them off with their sleepmats and that was it. The school took care of everything else food and activity-wise.  Now with our son in kindergarten, I now spend my mornings scrambling to make sure that he has a healthy lunch and snack packed in his lunchbox plus that he has all his homework completed and safely nestled in his backpack before we leave.  Now add to that getting my almost three-year-old diva daughter ready for preschool,  an attention-starved dog fed and getting myself showered and ready for work, it’s like a bad  forgotten verse of that Bangles song “Manic Monday.”

Needless to say, tensions run high in our house on Mondays….and this morning I let it really get to me and had a total mommy fail.

After getting the dog fed, my son dressed and lunch/schoolwork packed and then myself ready this morning,  I was getting my daughter ready for school-and that used to be a lot easier. She is going through a stubborn stage and unfortunately the “Terrible Twos” are about to turn into the “Terrible Threes.”  Today was picture day for her pre-school class, so I had a cute new jumper dress all picked out for her to wear, but she was having none of that.  She didn’t like what I had picked out (never mind it was the dress we had just gotten at a street fair the day before, and she herself had picked out the print!). Adding to the meltdown was her whining and ignoring me – and just I lost it.   I yelled in a mean voice “get dressed” – and my sweet little girl suddenly burst into tears.

I saw the look in her eyes and it broke my heart.  I hugged her, kissed her and told her she could wear something else – an outfit in the end, was much cuter than the dress I had picked out.  By the time I dropped her off at pre-school she had totally forgotten the whole episode and gave me big hug and kiss, more than I deserved, before I left.

Was I really annoyed about a stupid dress and picture day?  No, I realized I let the stress of a Manic Monday morning get to me and I’ve had a serious case of mom guilt all day.  It wasn’t fair to unleash my own stress about the upcoming week on my little girl.  So starting tomorrow, I’m going to start taking a morning chill pill and not get stressed-out over the morning routine.  Somehow the kidlets will get dressed & ready for school, the dog will get fed and The Hubs & I will get to work (eventually!), so why stress out about it, right?

Now it’s your turn to share.  What is your morning routine like?

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    You are so not alone. I do try to get as much done the night before…..lunches are all made, snacks all pulled together and clothes picked out…however, most mornings one of my girls (usually the kindergartener) decides she doesn’t want to wear what we’ve picked out. It adds to the chaos.

    I have found myself yelling too many times as well…and it breaks my heart to see the tears well up in their eyes.

    I guess what I’m trying to say (and not very well)…is that it happens to all of us. But the kids forget sooner than we do.

    Hugs to you.
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