May The Force Be With You!

This weekend was a sort of rite of passage for us and our four and half-year old son.  On Saturday night he got to stay up late with mom and dad to watch “Star Wars,” one of our favorite films of all time!   I wasn’t much older than my son the first time I saw “Star Wars” in the theater that summer of 1977.  It was like no other movie I had ever seen and fell in love with all the characters.  I became obsessed, wearing my R2D2 shirt and playing with my “Star Wars” Kenner action figures.  I was excited to finally share this movie with my little boy.

Original “Star Wars” movie theater poster

Our son is just starting to get into non-animated movies, though “Cars” is still his favorite, along with several other Disney/Pixar classics.  Two weekends ago we watched “Yellow Submarine” with him.  He liked the music, but thought everyone talked funny and couldn’t figure out why that Glove was so mean.


The Dreadful Flying Glove (Photo credit


Last weekend he watched his first Godzilla picture, “Godzilla vs. Monster Zero,” much to his dad’s thrill. During the movie my son kept coming excitedly into the other room where I was to tell me what was Godzilla was up to.

This Saturday night we had gone out for an early dinner with some families from our son’s preschool.  One of the boys is OBSESSED with “Star Wars.”  He has coloring books, clothing, toys and even had a “Star Wars” themed birthday party.  He had brought a few of the action figures with him to dinner (I think they were the Lego ones) and all the kids played happily with them at the table while waiting for the food to show up.  On the way home, our son asked if he could stay up and watch a movie with us.  The Hubs and I turned to each other like a light bulb had gone on over our heads and told him we could watch the movie that the toys he played at dinner were based on.

In case you’ve been living on the desert planet of Tatooine, “Star Wars” is an American epic space opera film series by George Lucas.  It takes place a long time ago in a fictional galaxy far, far away with crazy alien creatures and robots called “droids.”  The plot for the entire saga boils down to this, social class warfare.  The good people of the galaxy are terrorized by the Galactic Republic, later reorganized as the Galactic Empire. Along with the brave Jedis who fight for them and protect them, they believe that “the Force is with them” and spend years rebelling against the Evil Empire in order to bring peace, equality and stability back to the galaxy.


Luke, Princess Leia & Han Solo make a daring escape from The Death Star (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I don’t think my son understood much of this.  About 20 minutes into the movie he asked me, “Mommy, why did the bad guys hurt those Jawas.”  I explained that they were looking for those two droids/robots because they had something they wanted.  My son’s reply, “What robots?”  Uh, weren’t we watching the same movie?  The whole first part of the film is ALL ABOUT those two droids….so clearly, he wasn’t getting the whole plot, but seemed to be riveted nonetheless.

The Hubs & I had to keep the giggles to ourselves when he said: “I don’t think Darth Vader should be a bad guy because he has such a cool cape.”   I guess in his mind, character likability is based on the length and flare of your cape!


The evil Darth Vader, but he has a pretty cool cape! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


After it was over, the Hubs and I asked him if he liked the movie.  He said he did and told us he thought the spaceships and the explosions — of which there are many — were super cool.  He also told us that his favorite character was the animal that the Sandpeople rode, the Bantha.  That stupid woolly mammoth was in the movie for all of about two minutes and now he’s obsessed with it.   What about Luke, Han, Princess Leia, Chewie, C3PO, R2D2 or even a Stormtrooper?

The Sandpeople’s mode of transportation was the Bantha, you see it for all of about two minutes and THAT is my son’s favorite character (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We told him that there are five more films in this series and that we’ll watch “The Empire Strikes Back” with him soon.  He’s excited to stay up and watch another film with mom & dad.  I’m just hoping that when we get to “The Phantom Menace,” he doesn’t take a liking to Jar Jar Binks!

Now it is your time to share? Who is your favorite “Star Wars” character and why?



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  1. Pam says

    I have to confess that I have never been a big Star Wars fan. I have seen the movies and I enjoyed them but was never really obsessed or wanted to watch them more than once. I know a lot of people have really enjoyed them and have a passion.

    May the 4th be with you too!

  2. Ashley says

    I’m ashamed to say that I’ve only seen half of a Star Wars movie. :-/ that must be the reason why I answered “and also with you” when someone said “May the fourth be with you.”

  3. Angela S says

    My son and I have watched Star Wars together many times throughout the years. We never tire of it. I’m so glad you got to share this epic film with your little guy.

  4. says

    I love them all…..I hear on the radio that a NEW STAR WARS movie is coming in Dec 2015! The original characters will be in the film. Star Wars 30 years later! I wish I could buy my ticket NOW!!!!

    • TheHarriedMom says

      I have to go to my mom’s house and crawl around the attic and look for all my old figures. I know the capes & little plastic guns are all gone, but I’m hoping that Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Obi Wan still have their lighsabers built into their arms!


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