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Most weeknights The Hubs and I don’t get home until after 6:30 pm from work.   Once we do get home we try to spend as much time as possible hanging out with the kidlets before they go to bed.  That means we play board games, build LEGOs, play with Super Heroes/Disney Princesses, read books or if it’s Wednesday night, give the kidlets baths!  By the time 8 pm rolls around the kidlets are safely snuggled into bed and The Hubs and I are starving!  But who wants to start cooking a meal at 8 pm to eat at 9 pm and then go to bed not too long after?  Not this gal – so lately I’ve been making extra meals/dishes on Sundays that we can just re-heat during the week.


One of my current favorites is making quiche.  This might be a little rudimentary, but I have had people ask me what it is — a quiche is an open-faced pastry crust with a savory filling thickened with eggs. I like quiches because they are so versatile. You can fill them with just about anything you have in the fridge — cheese, meat, seafood or vegetables — and you can serve it either hot or cold.   They are the perfect meal to make in advance, store in either the fridge or freezer and pop out when needed.

It doesn’t take me too long to assemble a quiche, I can do it in about a ½ hour.  The longest parts of the prep are cutting all the veggies and then letting them cool down after sautéing.  It takes about 40 minutes to bake until golden brown.   To save time – remember, I’m a “Harried Mom,” I use a pre-formed frozen crust that I pre-bake while I’m prepping all my veggies.  You could though totally could make your own dough from scratch or even use those pre-made dough sheets to form your own crust.

THM_MeatlessMeals_VeggieQuiche1All the ingredients you need to make a Veggie Quiche, this recipe is so versatile, you can use any veggies you may have in the fridge

Since The Hubs and I became pescatarians earlier this year, veggie quiche have worked out great for us since eggs offer us the high-quality protein we aren’t getting from eliminating meat and chicken from our diets.

So here’s my recipe for an easy Veggie Quiche which I based off a recipe I found in my cookbook bible Mark Bittman’s How To Cook Everything.   I made a few alterations to my version.  In Bittman’s recipe he adds a lot of cream (2 cups) to his quiche – which I found in my trials way too liquidy, so I instead substituted low-fat milk and only 1/2 cup.  I also adjusted the heating temperature, boosting mine up,  finding that his 325° recommendation never got the oven hot enough for the whole quiche to set firmly.

Veggie Quiche
Serves: 4
Prep Time: ½ to chop, sauté & cool down veggies & pre-bake pie crust
Cook Time:  About 40 minutes, until filling is set and crust is golden brown


9 inch pie crust
3 large cloves of garlic, chopped
½ cup of chopped onion (any variety, I used a Vidalia Sweet onion)
1 medium-sized pepper (any color, I used red), chopped
1 cup pre-cooked broccoli (you could use spinach, cauliflower, asparagus, etc), chopped
¾ cup mushroom, chopped
¼ cup sun-dried tomatoes, chopped
1 cup shredded cheese (I used a shredded Mexican blend)
½ cup milk or cream (I used 2% milk)
6 large eggs
½ Tsp Italian Herbs (mix of parsley or cilantro, basil, oregano, thyme & rosemary)
Salt & freshly ground pepper
1 Tbsp olive oil


  • Turn on oven and pre-bake pie crust according to temperature/time listed on packaging, let cool.
  • Set oven to pre-heat to 375°.
  • Chop vegetables to about ¼ inch cubes and sauté with 1 Tbsp olive oil in frying pan until cooked through.  Set aside to cool.
  • In a large bowl combine eggs, milk cheese and spices and beat until smooth.  Add in the cooled sautéed veggies.
THM_MeatlessMeals_VeggieQuiche4The egg and sauteed veggie mix ready to pour into the pre-baked pie crust
  • Place pre-baked pie crust on a cookie sheet and pour in egg/veggie mixture and bake in the oven for about 40 minutes or until filling is set and crust is golden brown (you can put foil around edge of crust while baking if it gets too brown).
  • Remove from oven and serve or let it cool and wrap for fridge or freezer.

Now it’s your turn to share.  What’s your favorite quick and easy meal to make during the week?




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    • TheHarriedMom says

      I had never made a quiche myself until I made it in January – it was super easy to make. Just make sure you keep it in the oven long enough – the first time I pulled it out too soon and the middle didn’t set so well.

    • TheHarriedMom says

      This is perfect for a meatless Monday meal. you could even make it over the weekend and then just warm it up for dinner on Mondays – sort of like a no-cook day!

    • TheHarriedMom says

      I never liked quiche as a kid. Only as an adult and I’m talking the past few years as an adult did I start liking them!

    • TheHarriedMom says

      Thanks! You’ll have to let me know if you do make one and if you have any special twists on the recipe of your own!

    • TheHarriedMom says

      OOh bacon, how I miss thee since we went off the hog! My son said he’d try a quiche but he wants me to cut up hot dogs and put it in it….

    • TheHarriedMom says

      You know Krystal, I’ve never had it for breakfast….always for lunch or dinner. I should remember it’s in the fridge in the morning instead of one of my smoothies on day.

    • TheHarriedMom says

      Let me now what you think! We started out doing one meatless meal a week for The Hubs and myself and then just went all the way this year. So far, so good.

    • TheHarriedMom says

      It’s easy and pretty foolproof! You should def try it out – just put in the ingredients that you like!

  1. says

    I make quiche on Wednesdays a lot- the big 2 have gymnastics from 355-445 and then my 4 year old has dance from 440=535 and we don’t get home till 6 pm. its fast, healthy and delicious aND I can make ahead of time!
    brett recently posted..Birds Nest CupcakesMy Profile

    • TheHarriedMom says

      I totally agree Brett – they’re great for busy families and super nutritious. Beats going thru the drive thru for dinner which gets expensive and unhealthy!

    • TheHarriedMom says

      Yes, it does heat up well. Just make sure to wrap it tightly in the fridge and it takes about 2 mins in the microwave for a slice – or about 30 mins in the oven for the whole pie.

    • TheHarriedMom says

      My mom used to make a lot of quiches when I was a kid during Lent, but then again every Friday (she was old school and we never had meat on a Friday!).

    • TheHarriedMom says

      Broccoli & cheese is a great one to do. I’ve also done a Florentine one with spinach and feta which is delish!

    • TheHarriedMom says

      Yes! You can totally switch it up. The next one I’m doing is going to be a three cheese quiche – not sure which cheeses though – whatever looks good at the cheese counter!

    • TheHarriedMom says

      I tried stewed tomatoes (drained of course) in my last quiche and I thought it gave it a weird consistency. I’m going back to using the sundried tomatoes like I did in this recipe. It gives it a nice natural sweetness.

    • TheHarriedMom says

      It definitely is. I make mine on a Sunday afternoon when I’m making dinner and then The Hubs and I eat it for dinner over the next few nights.


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