Milk, Unleashed!

If your family is like mine, you’re often on the go and sometimes it’s hard to drink healthy – especially for kids.  Have you seen some of those “100% juice drinks” you can get at convenience stores?   Some of them can have as much as 28 grams of sugar in them!  If I’m on the go with my kidlets, the last thing I need is for them is to have a sugar-high and be bouncing off the walls while I’m trying to run errands, visit with family or taking them to school/recreational activities.

Hands down, my choice of drink for my kidlets is milk.  Milk contains nine essential vitamins and nutrients, all of which is a fancy way of saying milk is good for you!

milk-unleashed_article-image_550x300Now when I was a kid and out with my mom and I wanted a drink of milk, I would have to pray that my mom had the foresight to fill a chunky Thermos with milk and carry it around in her purse.  Let me tell you, that NEVER happened!  I always had to wait until we got home to have a glass of milk.

Fast forward to today.  Whenever I take the kidlets out, I make sure that I always have a few cartons single-serving, shelf-safe Grade A milk in my go-bag.   It’s Milk Unleashed!  Single serving milk boxes are like juice boxes and here’s the great thing, these milks do not need refrigeration and can be stored in your pantry for up to six months.  It’s the same milk taste without any additives or preservatives.

Lots of major and trusted milk brands such as Horizon, Hershey’s, Organic Valley, LaLa and Borden offer handy single-serving milk cartons and they come in many flavors – ranging from vanilla to chocolate and strawberry.

MilkUnleashed1My daughter enjoying some milk post-grocery shopping

When Hurricane Sandy hit last October my family lost power for five days.  Needless to say that all the milk in our refrigerator went bad and quickly.   I was glad to have a case of Horizon Organic single-serving, 1% low-fat milk cartons stored in our garage.  My kidlets were able to have their cereal daily and enjoy a cup of milk with their meals or snacks.

Milkunleashed2My boy enjoying some milk after running the basketball court, now onto indoor soccer!

I pack them for car trips, in our kidlets beach bags and their lunch boxes.  I’ve even started taking them to my son’s weekend soccer and basketball activities.  It’s a great way for him to have a healthy calcium and protein-packed treat running from one game to another.

Milk Unleashed is a convenient and healthy snack to have anytime and anywhere.    You should check out – it’s packed with information for moms on the go, ideas for increasing milk consumption in their families’ diets, nutritional facts about milk, plus promotions, contests and information about the various brands of shelf milk and where to buy.

Now it’s your turn to share.  Which is your favorite, chocolate or strawberry milk?


For full disclosure:  I was sent Milk Unleashed samples to review for this blog.  As always, the opinions expressed in this post and on The Harried Mom are all my very own and are not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products as your opinion may differ.


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