Ode To Spring: My Annual Re-Awakening

My debt to the cold of winter-paid in full.
Time for spring. And my annual re-birth.
Time to shed my winter wear, and cover myself in the warmth of spring’s sun.  Goodbye to all things bulky, scratchy and woolly. Hello flirty, flowery and bright.
Time to set my feet free from dark and clunky boots and liberate them with flip flops, strappy sandals and bold & colorful toes.
Goodbye to slow-cooked hearty meals and hello to delicious and healthy cookouts on the grill.
Time for my own spring awakening, to emerge from a cozy cocoon and explore all that the reborn world has to offer!
I’m sharing my thoughts on Spring and my own Spring Awakening as part of:

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  1. says

    I do love Spring! My birthday is in Spring and well, I just love flowers and pretty green-ness. But like Shell said, it comes with a price *sniff sniff*

    Happy Spring! 😀

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