Teaching Kids To Save For A Rainy Day #teachkidstosave

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THM-Boiling-Springs-Saving-Money-Is-CoolThis past week was a big one for my five-year-old daughter.   She lost her first tooth! She was so excited that she did a crazy dance that had her jumping about and rolling on the floor which had me laughing hysterically. It certainly was a rite of passage, but my daughter wasn’t as excited about becoming a “big girl” as much as she knew that the Tooth Fairy was going to pay her a visit.

Now when I was a kid and I lost a tooth, the most I ever found under my pillow was a quarter. Apparently, those days are long gone; the Tooth Fairy no longer leaves kids loose change!

The established (via our seven-year-old son) Tooth Fairy rates in our house are $5 for the first tooth and $1 for every subsequent tooth – or else we’d go broke! So before bed that night my daughter carefully placed her little tooth under her pillow and awoke in the morning to find that her fairy friend left her a nice, crisp five dollar bill.
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A Case of the Munchie Monster #WhenImHungry

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THM-Snickers-WhenImHungry-Snickers-BarsHave you seen those SNICKERS® commercials that feature someone who is acting not quite like themselves?  The person is usually portrayed by a famous (or infamous) celebrity who is acting badly until they take a bite of a SNICKERS® bar and they are instantly switched back to being a normal person?

Those ads are fan favorite, they’re both clever and funny and that’s because we can totally relate to them. We’ve all had those moments, when we’re not feeling or acting our best.

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“Which Came First, The Chicken or the Easter Egg” Kid Craft

THM-Chicken-Egg-Easter-Kid-Craft-Multi-chicksIt’s that age-old question that has been hotly debated for centuries – “which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

Well, luckily for this craft you don’t have solve that problem; you just have to make a fun decoration for Easter!

Last year for an Easter craft – the kidlets and I dyed eggs using onion skins and used tiny botanicasl to decorate them with for a natural, eco-friendly holiday (click here to see that craft).

The year before that we made a wacky looking Easter bunny and chick garland (click here to see that one).  So this year I wanted to find something fun and easy for the kidlets to make to add to our growing collection of handmade Easter decorations.Continue reading ⇒

A Ninja Never Quits! LEGO® Ninjago™: Shadow of Ronin™ Hits Shelves March 24 #Giveaway

THM-LEGO Ninjago Shadow of Ronin_Key Art_FinalMy son loves anything and everything LEGO®.  He loves building with the bricks (don’t ever walk into his room barefoot, they’re all over the floor –OUCH!), watching the various LEGO TV series & movies and of course the video games.  He especially likes the LEGO Ninjago™ games because of all the cool Spinjitzu he gets to do!

Well, the latest Ninjago adventure is about to hit the shelves and it’s one of the most anticipated video games this Spring!  LEGO® Ninjago™: Shadow of Ronin™ is coming to Nintendo 3DS™ and Playstation®Vita™ in just a few short days, on March 24, 2015.

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Kid Lit: Bedtime Stories, Part II

Since we had so much fun with our last Kid Lit post on Bedtime Stories, we’re doing a sequel!

Sometimes putting my kidlets to bed at night is the most challenging part of my day. It’s always a whirlwind of activity from changing into PJs, brushing teeth, potty breaks, finding their favorite doll/stuffed animal to sleep with and don’t forget my all-time favorite, that last-minute cup of water before bedtime (who knew getting ready for bed could make kids so parched!).

I find though that if I read a book to my kidlets as they get under the covers and nestle into their beds a calm suddenly comes over then and helps them to drift off into dreamland with fun and happy images in mind!

THM-Kid-Lit-Bedtime-Stories-II-Sleepless-Knight-Book-CoverSleepless Knight
By James Sturm, Andrew Arnold & Alexis Frederick-Frost (First Second)

The Knight is going on her first camping trip and she’s so excited! She and her horse Edward pack everything they need (and more!)– including her beloved Teddy before heading out into the woods. But when it’s time for bed, Teddy is nowhere to be found!

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Lovable Labels The Ultimate Camp Pack #Giveaway

THM-Lovable-Labels-Ultimate-Camp-Pack-Kids-CanoeMy son’s been going to summer day camp for the past few years and it’s something he looks forward to. I mean, who can blame him, he’s not in school and his days are filled with carefree fun!

Every night during the months of July and August he comes home and excitedly tells us all about his adventures in swimming, sports, cookouts, woodworking, ceramics, photography and go carts. His little sister is always a captive audience. She listens intently, with wide eyes and then sadly laments, “I wish I was old enough for camp!”

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The Belle of the Ball! Disney Cinderella Sparkle Complete Party In A Box From Birthday Express Review #DisneySide

My daughter was truly the belle of the ball when we recently held our #DisneySide playdate party!

THM-Show-Your-Disney-SideThis actually was the third Disney Side playdate party we’ve hosted in the past year. They’ve been a real hit not only with my kidlets and their pals, but their parents as well because Disney truly is multi-generational in its appeal! My daughter and her friends love anything Princesses and of course “Frozen” while my son and his buds are into “Big Hero 6” and us adults, well we all have different favorites ranging from Tinkerbell to “The Little Mermaid” and the main mouse himself, Mickey!

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How To Get Kids To Talk

Does this conversation I recently had with my son sound familiar to you?

Me: Hi honey!  How was your day today?
Son: Fine.

Me: What happened at school today?
Son: Nothing.

Me: Did you know that  there’s a new Skylanders Trap Team character coming out?
Son: Yeah, his name is Love Potion Pop Fizz and he’s this wild and crazy mad scientist! He loves making potions and he got caught up in a raspberry soda blast that turned him pink and made him smell all pretty.

How come my son can describe to me in great detail a Skylanders character that hadn’t even come out yet, but when I ask him about his day/school he suddenly becomes an introvert?

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Will You Be My Valentine? The Beatrix Girls Valentine’s Day Celebration & #Giveaway

Ever since my daughter gTHM-The-Beatrix-Girls-Valentines-Day-Band-Pixot a pink electric guitar and her own amp for Christmas, she’s set her sights to become the next pop star sensation. Look out Taylor Swift!

So I found her the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day – her very own Beatrix Girls doll! I like to give my kidlets a little something other than candy for V-Day since their family and friends always seem to have that part of the holiday covered.  Sometimes it’s like a chocolate overload in our house (not that it’s a bad thing)!

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Fantastical Fun @BigAppleCircus ‘Metamorphosis’ Coming to NJ Feb 26 – {Ticket #Giveaway}

Did you ever want to join the circus when you were a kid? Many times when I ask my kidlets to finish their homework, do their chores, or eat something yucky (like broccoli!), they tell me they want to run away to the circus because it’s always fun and carefree.

THM-Big-Apple-Circus-Metamorphis-RingmasterWait until I tell them that next month, their dreams can come to when we go see the Big Apple Circus and their all-show Metamorphosis, filled with astonishing acts and startling transformations that transport circus-goers to a realm of enchantment under the Big Top!

The Big Apple Circus brings its intimate, classical one-ring circus to TD Bank Ballpark in Bridgewater, NJ from Thursday, February 26 through Sunday, March 15.

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