Sounding Good For Father’s Day – Sol Republic Master Tracks Headphones Review & Giveaway

Looking for a Father’s Day gift idea??  Tyler AKA The Hubs is here to help out with a great gift idea for any tech/music lover with a review of Sol Republic’s Master Tracks headphones and a great giveaway to win a pair for the special dad in your life!  So take it away Tyler…..

A few months back I wrote about our Sol Republic Deck, a Bluetooth-enabled speaker that allows you to wirelessly stream music from computers, tablets, smartphones and various electronic devices. At the risk of overstating it, it’s really has changed our life and the way we listen to music, and something we use and enjoy nearly every day.  And now that the weather is finally warming up, we are using it more than ever, for fire pits, barbeques, and playing in the yard. But if you are like me, as fun as it is to crank the tunes, sometimes you want to or need to have a little more one-on-one time with your music.

Since my musical taste runs a little more, hmm, lets say eclectic than The Harried Mom, we have reached a musical détente of sorts by mostly listening to 70s and 80s stations with a heavy sprinkling of Kidz Bop and the “Frozen” soundtrack for the kidlets. I’ve found there are a lot of times my music choices aren’t always appreciated by family. What, you don’t want to hear my Krautrock/80s old-school electro/classic country mix tape? I guess I have to save that for my “me time!”

My “me time” mostly happens during my long commute. Since we live in a bedroom community and commute to the big city, I have an hour on the train to read, write and listen to music. I have also forced myself to hit an elliptical trainer 3 times a week, so that’s another 3 hours of tune time. Unfortunately, the folks on the train and in the gym don’t really want to hear my music either, so I have invested a lot of time (and a decent amount of money) on a good set of headphones.

I notice that almost everybody in the iPod era goes for the earbuds that come with their phone/mp3 player. Some people love them, but personally, I am not one of them!

Buds were notoriously bad when they first came out – they are certainly not the reason why anyone chooses a particular phone. I have heard they are better than the used to be, but quite frankly I hate sticking things in my ear! I think my inner ear must have a weird shape because any earbuds I ever had always fell out. I also never cared for the kind of headphones that go around behind the back of the head, they were way too weird.

So it has always been the classic over-the-head style for me, nothing else was any good. In fact, my first stop after getting a new phone was to go to the electronics store and get a slick new pair, and ditch the phone earbuds right into the junk drawer, still in the plastic bag. I’m pretty fussy about them, and do a lot of research before I buy a pair. And I am not afraid to spend $100 and up to get a decent set-it’s worth it to me.

So when the missus told me I had a chance to audition a pair of Sol Republic’s Master Tracks over the ear headphones, well, of course I had to be a good husband and do it, right?

THM_SolRepublicMasterTracks_FathtersDayHeadphones_2The first thing I noticed was how solid the Master Tracks felt. They are well-made, feel solid without feeling too heavy, and have no weird wires sticking out or things that can bend or break.

The two Sonicsoft Speaker pads encircle around your entire ear and fit comfortably on your head, and they slide right on to an interchangeable FlexTech™ Sound Track headband (more on that later).

It’s great because the entire unit is only four pieces — headband, 2 pads & cable — that easily disassemble and fit into an enclosed pouch. The pouch makes the headphone lay flat inside your gym bag, briefcase, or purse. Because of the inherently awkward design of most headphones, I’ve broken more than one pair. And I still wince when I think about how many times I pinched my fingers on the folding type of headphone-ouch! I don’t have to worry about anything like that happening with the Master Tracks.

The enclosed cable is a standard 3.5 mm jack which goes into almost any phone or music player you might have. It has a three-button mic and music control so you can pause, skip and play music, plus the microphone make it extremely convenient for when you get a phone call while working or jamming out.

I mentioned the FlexTech™ Sound Track headband earlier and I think it’s the coolest part of the headset! It’s made of an advanced polymer compound which Sol Republic says is “virtually indestructible,” and after playing around with it for a week, I believe it. While the Master Tracks come standard with headbands in black, white or blue, you can also splurge and choose from several colors and styles to personalize your headphones. They have some cool limited edition models, including maybe even your favorite college team! They even had a Denver Broncos model which is tempting for a diehard fan like me, maybe they’ll help me forget that last Super Bowl!

So forget how cool they look and how convenient they are-most importantly, how do they sound?

THM_SolRepublicMasterTracks_FatherDayHeadphones_3Forgive me, I’m no model — here I am listening to some tunes with my Sol Republic Master Tracks

In a word — AH-MAZING! I honestly heard things in my music that I had never heard before. Whether it was electronic, jazz, country or good old rock, it all sounded smooth, rich, and with excellent separation. Modern headphones are designed for a bass-rich listening experience, and the Master Tracks didn’t disappoint. I’ll confess something: a couple of years back I had been given a pair of another wildly popular, similarly priced headphones as a gift, and hands down the Master Tracks beats them in every way. I really didn’t want to take them off when my train arrived at my station!

Good sound matters a lot to me and I’ve found that you get what you pay for when you buy headphones. The Sol Republic Master Tracks list for $199.99- so they aren’t cheap.  But they also don’t look cheap, feel cheap, or most importantly, sound cheap. They are solid and they deliver, and when you buy a pair, they are made to last.  I used to go through several pairs of $20-30 headphones a year until I realized, “Why?” If you use them every day like I do, a pair like these are an investment worth making and would be a perfect gift for any dad on Father’s Day who is into tech or loves listening to music.

You can purchase Sol Republic Master Track headphones via their own website or on Amazon, at major retailers such as  Target, Walmart, Macys and Kohls and electronic outlets such as Best Buy and Frys.

Thanks Tyler for “sounding off” about Sol Republic’s Master Tracks headphones!

So after reading Tyler’s review, do you want a pair of Sol Republic’s Master Tracks headphones for your dad this Father’s Day? One lucky reader of The Harried Mom will win a pair of Master Tracks in the color of their choice (grey, blue or white) of their very own!  To enter just use the Rafflecopter form below.  The more options you complete, the more chances you have to win.  The Harried Mom’s Sol Republic Master Tracks headphone giveaway is open to U.S. residents and must be at least 18 years old to enter.
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For Full Disclosure:  The Harried Mom was not compensated for this post.  I was provided with a complimentary pair of Master Tracks headphones by Sol Republic to facilitate this review and host this giveaway.  Product prizing will be provided and shipped to winner directly from Sol Republic.   As always, the opinions expressed in this post and on The Harried Mom blog are all my very own and are not influenced in any way. Please remember to always do your own research before purchasing any products as your opinion may differ.

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  1. Luna S says

    I like to listen to an assortment of music, though I mainly stick to Metal, Alternative, 80’s hair metal and Classic rock.

  2. Elizabeth says

    I listen to a variety of music – pop, rock, musical theatre, jazz, classical, Christian contemporary, folk, rap, and a bit of country. 🙂

  3. Ashley Tucker says

    I like to listen to so many different styles of music. Indie/alternative is my favorite style.

  4. lissa crane says

    I love hip hop and dance music! It’s the only thing that elevates my mood and wakes me up!

  5. Pam says

    These would make a great gift for my husband and also birthday presents for my sons. My husband loves to listen to music from the 60s and 70s really loud so this would be good for me too!

  6. brett says

    i don’t skimp on things that are right next to my organs. my hearing is kind of important to me so i want quality for sure

  7. Brenda Rutt says

    Sure they would be great for a Father’s Day present but I want a pair for myself! I hate the ear bud style headphones – they always fall out of my ears too.

  8. Stacy says

    Great review, Tyler. Makes me want to at least give them a listen. That whole ‘lets me hear things in the music I’ve never heard before’ is the reason I love my weird, rectangular Monsoon computer speakers so much. If I could find headphones that do that as well, that would be dreamy!

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