Stick A Fork In Me, I’m Done….

“That’s it, I’m done.”

Have you ever had one of those days whether you’re at work or at home and you get so fed up with a person or project that you throw up your hands in frustration?  Maybe you walk away. Or quit. Or push it out of your mind and think of kinder, gentler and more relaxing things.  But what happens when you reach that point with your kids?

Normally on weekends, the Hubs and I pool our parenting powers to keep the kidlets on an even keel.  As they say, “two heads are better than one.”  What one parental unit can’t figure out, the other one usually has something up their sleeve that can save the day. However, on this past Saturday, the Hubs granted me an ever-so-prized reprieve so I could go and attend my first ever blogging event – Girls Lunch Out – and meet up with some of the other mommy bloggers, or my “mama birds” as I call them, whom I’ve met writing this blog (BTW, I had a great time at the event. I met a lot of great bloggers, some who I already read and others who I’m now checking out.  I even had a few that came up to me and said they “read” me.  Talk about an ego boost!).

I don’t know if the kidlets have got spring fever, are hopped up on allergy medication or just have a case of plain old ants in the pants — I used to love that game — but my normally “good” son and daughter forgot to do the following, listed here in random order:  listen, follow directions, keep their hands to themselves, be nice, not talk back, take a nap, eat their food, clean up.

Plus, this was compounded by an unusual amount of whining, crying and the ever favorite whine-cry. The last one really gets to me, and I think they know it.  Do toddlers hatch these schemes during daycare recess?!?!

The first text I got from The Hubs during my luncheon seemed harmless enough:

“Kids asleep driving aimlessly”

About 45 minutes later I got these two photos sent to me:









Cute, right?  Having a good time, right?

About a half-hour later, I got these in rapid succession:

“Get home soon had it with these 2 brats”

“We left 2 parks b/c DS was acting out”

“DD no better”

Now, Daddy has had both kidlets by himself plenty of times, and usually it all goes off without a hitch.  But that day, the kidlets totally gave dad “the business.” From shopping at Target to lunch at McDonald’s to the two different parks he took them to, it was rough.   So maybe they were acting out because Mommy wasn’t around most of the day?   Ha!  They continued “the business” on me the moment I walked through the door.   To me, whenever they act out, I think it’s because they’re not getting enough sleep.  So that night the kidlets were both in their beds and asleep before 7:30 pm.   Does putting them to bed early count as though I quit my job as mom for the day?

Thank goodness neither one of them woke up, had a bad dream or asked for more water. I don’t think either one of us could handle it.  The Hubs & I licked our kidlet wounds with some cold white wine and decompressed watching some awesomely cheesy 70s TV of Emergency! and Police Woman.

Sunday is the Hubs’ day to sleep in and I decided to give him a  little more quiet and alone time, so I thought I’d take the kidlets over to Nana & Pop Pop’s house for a visit.  I thought that after a nice, LONG night of sleep that they would wake up all refreshed and would have all of “the business” out of their system.  FAT CHANCE!  From the moment we walked in to the bagel shop to pick up a dozen toasty ones to bring over for our visit (which was totally unplanned and unannounced) they were again not listening and off in their “I’m going to do anything I want” mode.  Luckily they didn’t break, knock over or take anything they weren’t supposed to.

They both behaved well at my parent’s house.  I started to think that maybe they were acting out earlier because they were hungry.  As soon as we stepped on to the driveway to get back into the car to go home, it was like a force-field was lifted and their shenanigans started all over again.  This continued on and off all day Sunday – whether we were inside or outside playing, shopping or even watching cartoons.   I was thankful that I could into the kitchen to cook Sunday dinner as a way to escape the insanity.

I wanted to toss my hands in the air and say “Uncle!”  But we still had to get through dinner and baths before bedtime.  The Hubs & I somehow muddled through and wound up crashing on our own bed not too long after the kidlets.  Both of us hit a breaking point.  You know it’s bad when you actually look forward to going to work on a Monday for a little peace and quiet!

Don’t get me wrong, I would never quit as a mommy or The Hubs as a daddy.  We love our family and know that young kids act out.  They get frustrated, we get frustrated and it doesn’t make for a happy time.  Wouldn’t it be great if during those times we could just snap our fingers or push a button and make all the fuss and frustration go away?  If only!   However, it gets better.  It always does. Today is a new day and we all have a brand new look on life.

I’m sure I’ll be throwing my hands up about something today.  I’m just hoping though it will be to blow bubbles or play ball with the kidlets.  And just maybe, to bring a nice glass of wine to my lips after they’ve gone to bed.

Now it’s your turn to share.  What’s your favorite way to un-wind, de-stress and get rid of a day’s worth of frustration?

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