Tater Tot Love: A Kidfresh® Giveaway {$50 in Coupons}

THM-TaterLove-Kidfresh-TaterTotsCloseUpJust say the words “tater tots” and people get excited, both kids and grown-ups alike!

I wondered what it is about these little potato creations that have elevated them from dirty little school lunch tray secret to become beloved by the masses.

After an informal survey of friends on Facebook, I’ve come to the conclusion that tater tots are the ultimate finger food!

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One Pot Chicken and Spinach Pasta

Weekends are busy for my family. We’re running around doing errands and going from one kid activity to another. By the time we get home, it’s usually late in the afternoon, and I have to start thinking about dinner. The last thing I want to do after a busy day is make an elaborate meal, but I also don’t feel like spending a fortune eating out.

Pasta is always a favorite in our house, and when a care package from the folks at Botticelli Foods showed up, I knew exactly what I’d make that next weekend after a busy day of being out and about.


The first time I ever made a one pot pasta, it was a revelation! All you have to do is throw ingredients into one pot, and 20 minutes later you have a delicious pasta meal coated in a luscious sauce! It’s so easy to make, and the best part for me personally is that there is only one pot to clean afterwards.

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Easy Weeknight Meal in Less Than 30 Minutes – Light Chicken Pot Pie #EatLightEatRight

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Have you ever made something that was so simple but so delicious that you surprise even yourself? That’s how I feel about my light chicken pot pie recipe.

During the cold winter months I love nothing more than to eat a piping hot and hearty bowl of soup for dinner, but as a mom who works full-time outside the home, I don’t have the time or energy to make one from scratch.

Most weeknights I’m busy helping the kids with their homework, sports, and activities or attending meetings, so I’m lucky if I get 30-40 minutes to make and eat dinner! I look at it as sort of my personal version of “Chopped” – what items do I have in my pantry and fridge that I can combine in a short amount of time to make something for The Hubs and me that is not only delicious and satisfying, but also conscious of our waistlines.

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[ad] Family Movie Night Meals For Kids & Parents – Chicken Quesadillas & Chopped Chicken Salad Using Tyson® Crispy Chicken Strips

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THM-TysonMovieOffer-ThePeanutsMovie-Family-Movie-NightFamily movie night is a fun and special tradition in our household.  It’s a great way for to slow down, take time and bond together as a family after a busy week filled with school, work and activities.

During the summer we like to set up a big screen and projector in our backyard and host our own “drive-in” movie, complete with a cartoon feature and movie trailers.

Now that a chill is in the air, we’ve moved the theater inside to our living room and watch movies snuggled up with blankets on our couch and a fire going in the background.

Each week a different family member gets a turn at picking the movie we’ll watch. I usually have an idea of kind of movie we’ll be watching by whose turn it is to pick that week…

If it’s my son, it’s likely to be a sci-fi or fantasy movies. My daughter loves anything animated. I tend to go for big production musicals. The Hubs?  Well, he’s a bit of a wildcard. With him it could be anything  — a comedy, western or some creaker of a movie, but somehow his picks always seem to be a crowd pleaser.

I like to keep dinner simple on these nights, so I can focus on spending time with the family and have fun watching the movie. I like to look for foods that I can us to quickly create one or two different meal options from.

One recent family movie night meal that was a big hit was chicken quesadillas for the kids and chopped chicken salads for us adults, both using Tyson® Crispy Chicken Strips. These dishes are not only great for dinner but also for when you want to enjoy a great protein powered snacking meal!


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No Bake SNICKERS® Peanut Butter Frosted Brownie Bites #BigGameTreats


http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-american-football-field-green-grass-yard-line-image33470162Ten yards, ten more yards!
For our team, it’s not that hard!
Give me a T-O-U-C-H-D-O-W-N!
Touchdown! Touchdown! Touchdown!

That’s just one of the many chants and cheers you can hear emanating from our house throughout football season, but never more so than during the month of January.  With football playoffs now in full swing, there is always one game or another playing on the TV during the entire weekend.Continue reading ⇒

Dutch Apple Caramel Pie Made Easy #HolidaySecrets


Can you believe that Christmas is this week? I know, it snuck up on me too!

Luckily our decorations are up, the tree is trimmed and the presents have been bought (but not wrapped yet!).  All that’s really left to do is start prepping for the big holiday meal we’re hosting for the family this year. In the past, I’ve stressed out over planning the perfect holiday meal. However, I’ve picked up some #HolidaySecrets that have helped make my preparations easier and our family meal celebrations ones for the memory books.


Who wants to spend the day cooped up in the kitchen, slaving over a hot stove while everyone else gets to enjoy each other’s company? Not me, that’s for sure!  That’s why for the holidays, I like to plan meals that I can either make ahead of time or select recipes that once they go in the oven I can pretty much forget about until it’s time to go to the table!

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Snacking On The Go with Jif To Go® Dippers & Giveaway #MC

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Is your family lTHM-Jif-To-Go-Dippers-Review-Peanut-Butter-Chocolate-Stackike mine? It seems like we’re always on the go.

Weekdays are focused on work, school, meetings and getting the kidlets to and from all their extra-circular activities on time! Weekends are all about getting our errands done quickly so we can have some fun family time together, such as going pumpkin picking, seeing a movie or visiting the zoo.

Whenever we’re out and about I like to make sure that I have snacks on hand for the kidlets for when they get a case of the munchies. I like to give them something that will actually satisfy their hunger and not just give them a temporary sugar high.

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Getting Into “The Habit” in NJ – The Habit Burger Review

Habit-burger-logoTo me burger joints are the new fro-yo or cupcake places. They’re a dime a dozen, focusing more on hype then how their food actually tastes. So to say I was a little skeptical to try The Habit Burger Grill would be a fair assessment. What could this burger place possibly offer that I haven’t eaten or seen a million times over?

In two words – great taste. In one more word – freshness.

The Habit (as its regulars call it) has been serving up its char-grilled burgers on the West Coast since 1969. It has close to 100 locations in California, Arizona and Utah and now they are hoping to spread their burger love across America. They recently opened their first East Coast location and it just so happens to be in my neck of the woods, Northern NJ.

The Habit’s philosophy for their food is pretty simple – fresh, quality ingredients offered at reasonable prices.


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How Green Is Your Garden? 6 Easy Steps For Drying Herbs

THM_DryingHerbs_1I love gardens, filled with beautiful and colorful flowers, but truth be told I don’t have much of a green thumb.

Either I don’t plant them properly such as not having the proper soil pH level or I commit the mortal sin of forgetting (or am too tired) to water them. That was even one of the reasons we got an automated sprinkler system!  So flowers at my house are pretty much regulated to the kind you buy at the florist  and put into a pretty vase and our landscaping consists of grass, trees and hearty shrubs that I can’t kill!

However, when it comes to my herb garden, I’m a whiz!

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A Berry Good (And No Bake!) Dessert – Blueberry Love

It’s no secret that I love to cook (you can see all my Harried Mom recipes here), but truth be told, I’ve never been much of a baker.  It’s not because I’m more of a savory over sweet gal – because anyone who knows me knows that I cannot resist a good sweet treat or dessert! I think it’s because baking is so precise.  Now while I use recipes when I cook, I tend to think of them more as “suggestions” in creating a dish.  I like to use my own culinary instincts to develop a dish and sometimes wind up improvising by adding herbs and spices or substituting ingredients to create a new flavor profile.  Apparently that doesn’t work so well when baking.  Adding a dash more or a splash of something to a baking recipe can make cookies turn into lumps of coal or cakes into bricks, both of which have happened to me many times.


So when I was asked to create and share a dessert recipe using Reddi-wip® whipped topping, I decided to go with one that involve absolutely no baking on my end.

Right now there are lots of yummy and wonderful berries in season and they can make an easy and healthy dessert.

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