The Life of A Sports Mom – #FuelTheirAdventures With Dannon® Danimals® (Straw Sports Printable)


We’re a little over a week into September and I think we are finally starting to get the hang of our new fall routine of school, after school activities and sports practices/games.

In the past, our weekends were pretty open and free of any scheduled events, but this year my son is playing soccer and my daughter doing both soccer and cheerleading so our Saturdays and Sundays are now spent traveling from one athletic field to another and rooting for our children’s teams!

My daughter’s schedule is the roughest. On Saturdays she has to be at the soccer field in full gear – complete with shin guards and cleats – by 9 am and after practice and a mini-game she has just enough time for a quick change into her cheerleading uniform and get to the next field in order to cheer on our town’s flag football team.


It’s no wonder with all that physical activity that she’ll come running over to me and tell me she’s hungry!  Like any sports mom, I try to have some good snacks on hand for her, especially since she doesn’t have the time to sit down to eat a formal meal.THM-Dannon-Danimals-FuelTheirAdventures-Sports-OntheGo

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Kid Lit – Elves Can’t Dunk Newly Enhanced eBook

Every Monday is library day in our house.  After school the kidlets go to our local library and they each get to pick out four to five books for the week.  I never know what kind of books they’ll check out.  To me, there never seems to be any rhyme or reason to their selects.  When I ask them they just tell me that from the cover it “looks” like it would be a good read (note to authors/illustrators – cover art is SUPER important in selling your book to the 10 and under crowd!).

THM_KidsLibraryBooksEven though my six-year-old can read on his own, he likes to check out chapter books that The Hubs and I can read to him before he goes to bed each night.  Captain Underpants, Batman and The Notebook of Doom series are some of his favs, but I’m starting to have trouble mustering up the vigor to re-read, for the millionth time, the adventures of George Beard and Harold Hutchins as they battle the Turbo Toilet 2000!

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Take Me Out To The Ballgame….

I grew up in a household that treated baseball like religion.  The game was sacred and the players were icons.  Both my mom and dad were die-hard Brooklyn Dodger fans and often told me stories of how they shed tears when the team went west to LA.   While my dad stayed true and still is a Dodger fan til this day, my mom switched allegiances to the NY Mets mostly because they signed her favorite all-time player, Gil Hodges.   Me, I went a totally different route and it caused a lot of friction in our home.  I rooted for the Yankees – which is the ultimate nemesis of any Dodgers (or Mets) fan.

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They’re Just Little Kids, Can’t They Have Some Fun Without The Pressure

This image has been making well-deserved rounds in social media the past few days.  Whenever I witness or even hear about parents and adults behaving like this, I cringe.  I cringe because it happened to me – and even all these years later, still brings back some very hurtful memories.

I was 11 years old playing on a team in my town’s recreational softball league.   I had been playing softball since I was about five and I loved it.  I was a decent player – a good fielder and an okay hitter.  I mostly was a pitcher, much to my mom’s chagrin.  She didn’t like that there was all that pressure on me to literally be “pitch perfect.”  Though it was stressful, I told her that it was worth it for the huge self-confidence boost I got any time I had a good game and our team won the game.

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