Things I Can’t Say…Or Else I’d Be In Big Trouble

I don’t know if it’s because I’m in desperate need of a vacation (I’m counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until our annual beach trip) or if the excessive heat and humidity we’re having this summer has done a number on me, but I’m finding that LOTS of things that I would normally shrug my shoulders at and not let bother me are totally getting on my nerves.

It doesn’t even have to be things that are happening to me, but things that I witness.   Unless it is something really egregious, I don’t speak up. It’s not that I have a problem speaking my mind and giving my opinion, because I certainly don’t.  If you asked The Hubs, he might say I speak my mind a little too much. 😉   It’s just that I don’t want to risk the chance of physical retaliation. These days you never know what will set a person off.   But I’m a true believer in karma and that you’ll eventually get what you give, whether it’s good or bad.

So here are the things I wish I could say out loud instead of just biting my tongue:

  • To the parent who lets their child bully another, especially in front of that child’s own parent:  Get a backbone and discipline your kid!  Don’t turn the other cheek or say it’s cute. How you respond to their aggressive behavior now will set a pattern for life.
  • To those mothers who are always complaining about their children and saying “woe is me!”:  Why not be grateful that you have kids? There are so many people in this world who give their right arm to be a parent and have a family.  Look I know we all have bad days as a parent and get frustrated with our children, but constantly griping about them is not cool.
  • To my fellow drivers:  It’s called a stop sign, not a roll-on-thru or go sign.  That means you NEED to stop, look both ways before proceeding and not blow right through it.
  • Furthermore, if you are driving: HANG UP THE PHONE.  Unless the President of the United States is on the line asking for your advice on foreign policy or the economy, no call is that important.  You can talk later, like when you are not driving. Remember, that’s what everybody used to do in the “Good Old Days”… ten years ago! (That goes for texting too!)
  • To the teenagers and 20-somethings who aspire to be the next reality star: Television is not real life, and reality shows are usually as fake as it gets.  Also remember that those videos that you made of yourself doing something stupid and posted somewhere will live on the Internet FOREVER.    Life is not a series of parties, alcoholic drinks and random hook-ups.  In real life, people take responsibility, get jobs and work for a living.
  • To the people who use bad language around children: Have a little self-respect if not for yourself and how you may sound to others, then please have some for the mom/dad with their kids and is asked what those words mean.
  • To the people on the subway, elevator or any other confined space who play loud music even with their headphones on:  Your music is not music to my ears.  Turn it down or better yet, turn it off, you’re going to go deaf if you keep the volume that loud.
  • To the people who talk on their cell phones incessantly: We all can hear your conversation.  I’m sorry that your Aunt Rose has “lady problems” or that your friend Rob found out Kristin was cheating on him, but do we all need to know the dirty laundry?  Aside from the fact that it’s annoying, some conversations are meant to be had behind closed doors, not a commuter train or on the street.

This list could go on and on, I’m sure, but these are the things that quickly come to the tip of my tongue because I see or hear these things nearly every day!

Now it’s your turn to share.  What is the one thing you wish you could say?

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    Love this! I went on a playdate with a group of friends at McDonalds and there was another group of moms there. One of the little boys in their group kept knocking over kids, including mine. I was outraged when the mom shrugged it off and said that he was just aggresive and what was she to do? And all the other moms in her group accepted it when he pushed their kids. I cannot understnad this! Even two weeks later, I’m still pissed at that mom. We had to call the manager but he really didn’t do anything. We finally left but I wanted to say to her-“why don’t you act like a parent and discipline this kid? If you cannot control him at 2 what chance do you have at 16?”
    Don’t worry, he got an ice cream as they left. It was great to see him rewarded for his behavior.
    Just Me recently posted..I Wish I Knew What to SayMy Profile

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    Great post babe!!! I love it. Well said babe, I hate when people are pon their phones while driving. I got snippy with a dad at an indoor playground because kid was bullying others and then calling me names. I want to set and example for my kid, so I will always speak up. I want my son to know how to speak up for himself in a respectful way.
    Karen recently posted..Dino in CooperstownMy Profile

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    Great post. There’s things I wish *I* could say too. Like, to the person that’s almost 40 and still goes out drinking 3-4 nights a week and wakes up with a different person on a weekly basis. Have some respect for yourself. Grow up. You can’t be a kid forever. And your reputation? Yeah, it pretty much sucks. Those people you’re sleeping with? They’re the same ones talking about you after they leave.
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