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Every now and again I come across products, toys, activities or accessories that I really enjoy or find useful and I like to share them with other moms and families out there. My latest “find” is Gutzy Gear.

Gutzy Gear is a fun new accessory that transforms your kids’ backpacks, allowing them to personalize them and make them just as unique as they are.  Gutzy Gear consists of two easy-to-use backpack strap covers that you slip onto your bag and then attach an array of Velcro patches, called Gutzies.  There are hundreds of Gutzies to choose from, which allow children to express their own personality – the patches feature animals, sports, food, shapes and even words.

The straps are made from a high quality, durable yet soft material.  They are totally adjustable and fit just about any type of backpack, messenger bag or roller bag.  The Gutzies are backed with heavy-duty Velcro and they attach both firmly and easily to the straps.  Unless your child pulls them off, they’re not going to just fall off – they are there to stay.

What I really like about Gutzy Gear is that there is no sewing required.  I also appreciate that you’re not tied to one set of Gutzies.  Since kids change their favorites a lot, it’s useful how easy it is to switch patches.   They are not only fun for your kids to discover and collect for themselves, but also to trade with their friends to create a brand new look for their bags.

Best of all, Gutzy Gear is very affordable. The Starter Kit, which includes two backpack straps and surprise Gutzy patches retails for $9.99, and the 2-packs of Gutzies are $4.99 each. You can buy Gutzy Gear directly from their website, at local specialty retailers, and online at Amazon.

My son’s roller backpack before Gutzy Gear

Now for full disclosure here, I was sent a sample box of Gutzy Gear, which included six Starter Sets and six Gutzies patch packages.  Since my son will be starting kindergarten this fall and has started to take a backpack to preschool with him to get himself ready for “the ton of homework” he’s going to get, he’s the one who tested it out in our house.  We shared the extra samples with some of my son’s classmates.

My son’s Gutzy Gear roller backpack makeover

Out of the sample box, my son selected the “Dude & Pop Fly” patches – which feature a dude on a skateboard and a baseball wearing a hat and Buddy Holly shades.   He liked  them so much that I took him to our local Bed Bath & Beyond where they sell Gutzy Gear and he picked out two more patch packages “Nothing But Net & Turf Toe” and “Lady Bug Lou & Prince Charming.”

My son & his new personalized backpack

When I asked him why he chose those patches, he said, “because they’re cool.”  Well, that’s good enough for me!  Next on his list to collect are the dragon duo “Destroyer & Hot Head” – I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for that patch combo!

Gutzy Gear are great for kids of any age, from pre-schoolers like my son all the way to teenagers.  It’s an inexpensive way to customize your kids’ bags and a fun way for them to show off their personalities.

Now it’s your turn to share….what do you think of Gutzy Gear?  Is it something your kidlets would use?

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