Waiting For Sandy…Stay Safe!

It’s 8:45 am on Monday as I write this and we’re just starting to feel the impact of Hurricane Sandy here in Northern NJ.  NYC is pretty much shut down, no school, no subways/buses or trains, no Stock Exchange either!

The winds are starting to pick up here and I’m watching the trees in our neighborhood swaying left and right, kind of like they are taking a bow after a performance.  The rain is just starting to fall.

We still have power, for now…

The Hubs has the generator all gassed up and ready to go – even pre-stringing electrical extension cords last night to the fridge, sub-pump and the TV/DVR/Apple TV and lamps in our TV room.   The irony being that our backup automatic gas generator is supposed to arrive via drop shipment today and was due to be installed by our electrician tomorrow.  Mother Nature sure does have a sense of humor!

The kidlets are enjoying some cartoons…each one taking turns picking what they want to watch.  I hope that the two of them keep up this very civil and nice behavior…or else I’m in store for a VERY long day of brokering peace agreements!

I’ve loaded up my iPad with some books I’ve wanted to read and it’s charging now, so it will be ready to go when all goes dark.

We’re all ready to be hunkered down in the house for a few days. Peanut butter, bread, boxed juice (boxed wine for me!) and lots of canned food to get us thru the next few days.

The kidlet’s biggest concern is whether they’ll be able to go trick or treating on Wednesday….I just hope that we all make it thru safe the next few days.

Stay inside, listen to the news and hope for the best!  Stay safe everyone!

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