What’s In Your Purse?

Have you ever heard the saying that you can tell a lot about a woman by the kind of purse they carry? I think you’d get an even better idea by taking a peek inside their purse.  What a woman carries in her bag tells her own unique story.   Want to know what my bag says about me?  It screams, “I’m a mom!”

You know how some women feel about shoes, well, that’s how I’ve always felt about purses.  I bought my first “designer” handbag when I was a senior in high school.  For months I saved my babysitting earnings and purchased a black & tan leather Dooney & Bourke satchel bag.  I still have that bag, in pristine condition and in its original dust bag sitting in my closet along side my other prized purses from Kate Spade, Coach, Burberry, Michael Kors, Brighton and Furla (I told you I really do love purses!).

A few of my fav purses….

Back before I had the kidlets, I used to buy purses purely on how they looked – their color, the feel of the leather and of course how they looked slung over my shoulder or for smaller fancier bags, in the crook of my arm.  It wasn’t about practicality or price; it was all about “the look.”

Now I look for bags that are roomy,  somewhat durable and don’t dirty too easily. Why?  Because as a mom, I’m the official carried of all my kidlet’s stuff.   You know that toy they just had to take with them?  Well now they’re tired of holding it and want mom to deal with it.   What about those little plastic toys from whatever fast food restaurant you eat at?  Water bottles, headbands, hats – once they are discarded by the kidlets, next stop is inside of mom’s purse.

Don’t take that to mean that I now go for frumpy, cheap or standard tote bags.   I still go for quality…but not so much on the fashion end of things.  I now select bags that are more traditional, evergreen, that go with everything rather than a new purse for a every season or event.

So now, for a revealing look at one mom’s purse.  This is my bag, it’s lovely, isn’t it?

I’ve coveted this bag for years, but never seemed to be able to “make the plunge.”  Well after a big promotion at work and turning the big 4-0, it was time.  Doesn’t it look all tasteful, neat and calm?

It’s carries all my essentials for work, and not seen here, but always in my bag…my Blackberry.

And then I kid you not, I took all of this out of it as well:

I’m convinced that my purse is magical,  not just because of the pink heart magic wand that is in there,  but because no matter how much I clean it out, I always seem to grab either a lollipop or a sticker.  That might be a great trick for kid parties, but not when I’m commuting and scrambling trying to find my train pass to show the conductor before he tosses me off at the next stop!

Sometimes though, my kidlet’s stuff has come in handy – like when I had a business lunch that was going bust until I pulled out my son’s Hot Wheels car (you can read that post here Kids In Common).   Their stuff has also been a comfort after a long and hard day of work or on a business trip, reaching in my purse and grabbing one of their things can put a smile on my face.

I guess until my son starts stuffing things in his pockets instead of handing off to me and my daughter starts carrying more than a plastic cupcake in her Hello Kitty purse, I’ll either need to clean out my bag on a daily basis or I’m going to need to find a bigger one to haul everything around!

Now it’s your turn to share.  What does your bag and what’s in it say about you?

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  1. Laurel @abubblylife says

    Lol, wow cannot believe all that fit! I love purses and may have an addiction… I don’t buy “mom” bags either just bigger ones now. My current carryall is a purple Marc Jacobs- love it! And it def has some dirty bibs, spoon, toys, etc…
    Laurel @abubblylife recently posted..Thrifty Tuesday- Tray Makeover!My Profile

    • TheHarriedMom says

      It’s a big purse and there’s lots of pockets on and inside of it, where I found most of the stickers, lolipops, rub on tattoos, a Barbie shoe and that plastic purple spider…

      When I took out some of my purses for the photo of my fav bags I actually found an old binky from my daughter (who is now almost 3) in one of them. She hasn’t had one since she was 1, so I guess it had been a while since I used that one.

  2. says

    I remember one day back in the ’80s, when I was on a day trip with two friends–one male, one female. The other woman was a “non-purse” person. But somehow my tiny ’80s purse wound up holding their cameras and wallets, as well as my camera, wallet, Altoids, Kleenex, keys, and Chapstick. And that’s the day that I decided that all moms’ bags are really Mary Poppins-style carpetbags.

    As for my current bags, I need to do an inventory. But most of the time I use a red handbag of indeterminate make that I bought at Marshalls. It’s about 12″ x 4″ at the base (narrower at the top) and 6″ high, and I make it work not just as a purse, but as a mini diaper bag. I’d actually like something slightly bigger, but I’m waiting to find just the right bag.
    Tragic Sandwich recently posted..How Was Your Weekend?My Profile

    • TheHarriedMom says

      I love red handbags (as you can see my Furla up in the first photo that I got in Italy) – they are always a showstopper.

      After reading this post, my Hubs told me he had a solution to cure this problem….he said, “why don’t you just get a smaller bag so there is no way you could store all that junk in there.” Clearly he doesn’t understand the fashion statement of a big purse!

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