Who Do You Trust? Finding A New Nanny…..

June is always a chaotic month. Though the school year is winding down, my kidlets have quite a busy schedule!  Field trips and parties a-plenty are on tap this month plus my son will also graduate from pre-school!  There will also be plenty of changes in store for this summer! My son will start his first-ever summer camp program and my daughter is excited to move up to her new classroom and teacher.  But undoubtedly the biggest change will be a new after-school nanny.

Do nannies really look like this aside from the movies?

Right now we have a great nanny.  She’s literally taken care of my daughter from the time she first started in daycare at 8 weeks old, since she was one of the nursery heads.  “A” really helped us out of a bind earlier this year when my flexible work schedule changed and she agreed to become our full time after-school nanny.  Our kidlets love her, and so do we.  Often when I come home from work, I find her on the floor playing with them or reading them books on the couch.  She takes them to the park and runs around with them in our yard.  She feeds them dinner and on occasion has surprised us by giving both baths!  She is caring, smart, reliable and most of all trustworthy.

We knew our time with “A” would be coming to an end.  We hoped that we could convince her to stay on with us FOREVER, but she herself will be starting her career anew this July.

I think I was in self-denial about “A” leaving, but I’m finally starting to interview new nannies. The process so far has been pretty easy. I posted an ad and the applications have been pouring in.  I’ve gotten submissions from both young and old people and run the gambit from SAHM to teachers, from retirees to those who just love being around young people.

It’s so hard to find someone you trust with your loves..

I’ve already gone through one round of phone interviews. I ask all the routine questions –experience, last job and what kinds of things they like to do with kids.  From there, I’ve weeded down my list to just a handful of people to meet in-person.

So far I’ve had one potential nanny come over and meet the kids and I thought it went pretty well.  The kidlets were on their best behavior, she was lovely and everyone seemed to like each other.  I have a few more scheduled for later this week.

It’s hard though to know who will be a good fit and someone I can trust with my two little loves after only just a few conversations and meetings.

Our relationship with “A” developed over time. We saw how she was as the nursery head with my daughter and then as an occasional “date night” babysitter before she started working for us, but I always had a gut feeling about her.

I’ll have to see what my gut tells me about these new nannies – I guess I can’t go wrong there, can I?

Now it’s your turn to share.  What questions should you ask when you are looking for a new babysitter or nanny?




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    As a parent of small kids, you already have no time for ANYTHING EVER, so doing interviews with people who will never meet your basic requirements is a soul-destroying waste of time. Phone-screening helps you easily filter your list.

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