Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning methods to make your carpets shine brighter

Carpet Cleaning

You have a neat and clean home with gorgeous décor. The porch in front of the house is literally spick and span. Even the kitchen is sparkling. But the carpet is dirty! This is a problem that is hard to deny. A lot of houses have this problem. It is important to resolve this problem fast and with a practical solution carpet cleaning that is easy and effective.

As such the problem of dirty carpets does not only exist in homes alone. If you consider any public place, say restaurants for example, carpets are one of the dirtiest things. At public places a carpet is stepped on by hundreds of pairs of shoes. Even occasional spills cannot be completely ruled out either. A carpet starts taking mess when dirt, gunk and other messy substances manage to track in.

Dirty carpets obviously look filthy and smell bad. Moreover it ruins the ambience of what otherwise would have been a lovely dining room or a sitting room. It is crucial to clean carpets at daily time interval. Professionals possessing in-depth expertise on carpet cleaning in London have something important to share on the given context. According to them, thorough deep clean a month along with regular spot cleaning and vacuuming is the best way to keep carpets clean.

In the following paragraphs of the blog post let us explore few effective and safe carpet cleaning methods that professionals all over the world rely upon.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning procedure

Encapsulation cleaning is a common and popular procedure for cleaning carpets. Professionals rely on it although the procedure is comparatively new. Unlike conventional cleaning this does not require any water. This is what makes the procedure unique. First the carpet is vacuumed thoroughly. Then a specially formulated chemical is sprayed over it. In the next step a rotary bonnet or brush is applied to gently press the chemical inside the carpet fabric. Movement of the gadget breaks dust particles that are present on the carpet surface.

The chemical then crystallises the dust particles. This is how dust particles get isolated. At this stage the vacuum is again run over the carpet. This is done to clean up the chemical from the carpet. In the process leftover dust particles – if any – also get cleared away. In the opinion of experts this process of encapsulation cleaning must be periodically followed by hot water extraction. This procedure is popular among professional carpet cleaners because of many reasons. The reasons include –

  • It keeps your carpet look cleaner longer
  • Both cleaning and drying time in this procedure is much fast (it hardly takes anything more than 20 minutes on average)
  • There is zero residue left in this procedure
  • Overhead cost is pretty low compared to other cleaning methods

On the flip side the procedure is not ideal for carpets that are heavily greased. In those cases you better apply any other carpet cleaning method to ensure effective results.

Steam carpet cleaning procedure

Steam cleaning procedure is also called hot water extraction procedure in the laundering industry.  It is highly popular carpet cleaning method all over the world. First the carpet is preconditioned using a specially formulated chemical.  Carpet fibres usually get dirty with oil based substances and soil. These kinds of dirt often find their way to our carpets through our shoe soles. The chemical liquefies those oil based substances and soil present in a carpet. Water is heated to boiling point. The steam is then injected into the carpet applying pressure.

As a result the dirt build-ups get cleared away. This also takes care of bugs that may have settled in the carpet. At the same time the carpet is also vacuumed. This helps dislodging as well as dissolving leftover dirt if any. If a carpet is found to be particularly dirty then an additional round of steam cleaning using detergent is performed.

At the renowned VIP Carpet Cleaning London Ltd experts are of the opinion that if you want to deep clean your carpet, then steam cleaning method is one of the best options. Steam cleaning cleans carpets thoroughly. It removes odour or bad smell from carpets and also kills dust mice and harmful bacteria present in a carpet.

It is important to note that the procedure has some flip sides as well.

  • The operational cost is quite high
  • The equipments are quite costly
  • Some level of expertise is required for this procedure
  • Drying time in this method is also quite high

Other than the flip sides this is one of the best methods to deep clean carpets. You should steam clean your carpets once in every six months to ensure better health of your family members.

Dry cleaning procedure

The dry cleaning method too does not make use of water to clean carpets. In other words the procedure has no drying time. First, a little quantity of powder is mixed with specially formulated solvents and cleaning agents. The mixture is then sprinkled over the carpet. A mechanised brush is used to work the mixture through the fabric of the carpet. The powdered mixture is then allowed to sit on the carpet for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then the carpet is vacuumed thoroughly to clear out everything.

The procedure works much faster than almost any other cleansing procedure. The procedure hardly takes any toll on the carpet fabrics. So there is much less chances of damage. The procedure is pretty simple and does not require any expertise or special skill sets. However you should use this method little cautiously. This is not ideal for shag as well as plush pile carpets. If you do not clean up the carpet properly while following this procedure it may lead to a dust build-up in your home. Remember this is neither a deep clean method. Therefore the procedure has to be applied at short and regular intervals.

Bonnet carpet cleaning procedure

Although this is a light-cleaning procedure maintenance procedure it is also used to clean carpets regularly. First a carpet is vacuumed. Then carbonated water mixed with a number of cleaning products is sprayed over the carpet. This is done using an electric sprayer or a hand pump. A circular rotating bonnet or buffer is rubbed over the carpet. The bonnet has an absorbent covering. The bonnet rubs over the carpet at a speed of 100 to 300 RPM or rotations per minute. When the covering gets full it is replaced with another covering. Once the bonnet is completely used it is too replaced with a fresh one. Else dirt will only move around the carpet. According to experts working at a renowned carpet cleaning services in London the process takes about half an hour. Moreover it is pocket-friendly and produces satisfying result.